Sunday, 19 June 2016

It's all about soul. . .

She waits for me at night, she waits for me in silence
She gives me all her tenderness and takes away my pain
And so far she hasn't run, though I swear she's had her moments
She still believes in miracles while others cry in vain

Do you appreciate how much someone cares for you?  There may be times when you do seriously think about how much there isn't much reciprocity or they don't understand what you give up to care for them in the way the want to be cared about, yet spare little regard for you and your feelings.  What miracles do you believe in?  Are we in a place where we can always believe in the hope of beautiful things and people. rather than always be duped by people who are not who they claim to be?

It's all about soul
It's all about faith and a deeper devotion
It's all about soul
'Cause under the love is a stronger emotion
She's got to be strong
'Cause so many things getting out of control
Should drive her away
So why does she stay?
It's all about soul

I have often thought that there is a stronger emotion than love.  People use the term so loosely these days that it's almost hard to pun down.  It's understandable then when you go to use it, that it seems almost overused and has almost lost its meaning altogether.  Is this why Billy Joel has chosen to talk about the soul in this way?  As a way to describe what it means to have deep and meaningful heart connections with people that goes beyond love, as it goes deeper than what love could even describe.  Think about when even though things can get out of control, somehow it always has a way of resolving itself or someone comes in and saves the day.  I can't recall how many times I have walked away from situations or backed away from something that I didn't want to be a part of, but I comes across it and end up fixing it.  Some could even say I attract it, but I know it's because my soul can hear the cries that other souls make and seeks them out to console them.  Is this you need to be strong?

She turns to me sometimes and asks me what I'm dreaming
And I realize I must have gone a million miles away
And I ask her how she knew to reach out for me at that moment
And she smiles because it's understood there are no words to say

Last week a high school friend of mine talked quite vividly about how she always feels connected to me and can't explain it.  When she thinks about me, I suddenly text her or I call her - it blows her mind each and every time.  I don't think that's unusual at all.  There are some people who we are attuned to, like we all emit sound frequencies from our minds and I find myself connected to those who need to hear from me.  It's a bit more sophisticated than cups and string that we used to play with when we were kids and tried to communicate with each other.  I just think if we care deeply about people, we can connect with them not just on the internet and the worldwide web.

It's all about soul
It's all about knowing how someone is feeling
The woman's got soul
The power of love and the power of healing
This life isn't fair
It's gonna get dark, it's gonna get cold
You've got to be tough, but that ain't enough
It's all about soul

This single comes from Billy Joel's final studio album released in 1993.  That was a pretty good year for me.  Three of my six brothers decided to get married that year within months of each other.  I only attended two of those three weddings.  I would have my own wedding only 14 years later ha!  If life is going to throw so much at you, is your soul tough enough to deal with them?  The power of love and the power of healing resonate quite strongly within my soul.  I'm a strong believer in showing people mercy, love and healing them with words and music, even when part of me feels that they don't deserve my mercy - particularly when they have wronged me.  But why would I use my life to keep track of those who have wronged me? I could use my life in much more constructive ways, like making choices that make me happy, that surround my life with love and laughter and if I am to face pain and adversity on many occasions, which is only natural as life isn't perfect - but I am able to do so.

There are people who have lost every trace of human kindness
There are many who have fallen, there are some who still survive
She comes to me at night, and she tells me her desires
And she gives me all the love I need to keep my faith alive

I am conscious of speaking life into people.
For those people who I cannot speak life into, it is because I have done so many many times, but they don't have the ears to hear what I'm saying.  So what can you do when you no longer feel that you can speak life into people?  You stop talking to them.  You fall silent.  But I don't completely give up.  I can already sense when the right time will happen in due course, when an opportunity will present itself and I will see a flicker in their eyes that lay dormant for so long, and I know that I will be able to ignite something that is struggling to turn into a flame.

There are so many politicians and excessively rich people who no longer possess human kindness.  What do we do with people like this?  Are we able to band together and make them see reason?  Are we able to collectively implore them to change their ways - to stop masking their so-called collectivism under the neoliberalism that everyone knows is the new communism?

It's all about soul
It's all about joy that comes out of sorrow
It's all about soul
Who's standing now and who's standing tomorrow
You've got to be hard
Hard as the rock in that old rock 'n' roll song
But that's the only part, you know in your heart
It's all about soul

Where do you stand today?  Where do you stand tomorrow?
I think it helps to know first, if you're standing at all.

I hope that you take care of your soul.
Sometimes the deepest cuts that we feel in life, can affect our souls and it has an effect on everything else in our lives - whether we choose to let it change us or not, we may or not have any control over how that happens.  But that's the only part, you know in your heart it's all about soul. . .