Thursday, 16 June 2016

I know where I've been . . .

There's a light in the darkness
Though the night as black as my skin
There's a light, burning bright
Showing me the way
But I know where I've been

It might be hard to see a way forward when things that have happened to you, may threaten to keep you firmly rooted in your past.  Do we have the vision required to see the light?  Do we remember what the light looks like anymore?  We must never lost sight of the light because we keep our eyes focused on it, if we keep our eyes trained on this burning bright light. we know that we will be closer to its warm in the darkness.  If you know where you have been then you will know how much farther you have to go in order to be in the space that you must occupy to make a difference to everyone around you.

There's a cry in the distance
It's a voice that comes from deep within
There's a cry asking why
I pray the answer's up ahead yeah
'Cause I know where I've been

If you hear that cry in the distance, it must resonate and connect with your inner voice, because your ears must be attuned to what it needs to hear.  We may feel that we do not have any say in what happens in our lives. that we do not have control over our own decisions that impact on an improved better quality of life - the human rights that we are entitled to not because of privilege, but because it is the quintessential difference of what separates us from being animals.  The belief and faith that you hold that an answer is coming soon, means that we require patience, not just a whole bucketload, but maybe even several boatloads that impress upon us the notion of slowly and surely, of progress being made to make us better people, more caring towards each other, more tolerant, and more forgiving and loving - devoid of anything negative or evil that turns us from being humans to animals.

There's a road we've been traveling
Lost so many on the way
But the riches will be plenty
What the price, the price we had to pay

We will know many people that have died or we have lost, who stood up and knew where they had been.  It is up to us to remember the price they paid, the sacrifices they made not because it had anything to do with choice, but it had to do with it being the right thing to do for the greater good.  Every generation needs to improve what has been gained from the generation before.  What legacy will they leave behind or entrust to the next generation?  What prices will future generations continue to pay for poor decisions, lack of foresight into the wellbeing of a nation's people because we couldn't protect and care for its citizens?  Who will inherit these riches of plenty?  Will it fall into the right hands who can make a caring bit of difference to our world?

There's a dream in the future
There's a struggle that we have yet to win
And there's pride in my heart 'cause I know where I'm going
Yes I do, and I know where I've been yeah

 What cause will you champion so that everyone can benefit from the work or the calling that you have been assigned from the great divine?  They say that too much pride can be a bad thing, but I think there's nothing wrong with being and feeling confident in yourself.  There's nothing worse than being someone with low self esteem and constantly having to get reassurance for something that you need to develop for yourself - but what if you don't naturally have it?  When you have been hurt too many times, has it made you a tougher person?  Has it made you more resilient?  Do you know what additional qualities you need to build and strengthen this resilience that you need?

There's a road we must travel

There's a promise we must make
Oh but the riches will be plenty
Worth the risk and the chances that we take

Once you have set yourself on the path that you need to travel on, it can almost seem like you wondered why you didn't set yourself on this path sooner.  This is because you didn't follow that burning bright light when it was first revealed to you.  For the most part, you would have tried to convince yourself that you don't deserve that job promotion, you don't deserve that new friend who sees only good in you, that you don't deserve happiness, or to be treated with love and respect.  Why would you deny yourself any form of goodness that comes into your life?  If you expect bad things to happen, they will happen.  Shift your mind and instead focus on some constructive things and supportive people who will speak life into you, make you realise your potential and live your best life possible.  Isn't that, aren't these things all worth the risk and the chances that you continually take?  There is no limit to anything.  Why limit yourself?  There is no ceiling, nothing is capped, there is no limit, because we're not even inside.  We're outside thinking and feeling about where best to approach life, where best to collect people who can help to complete your collective mission, no matter how long it takes, it is worthy of the cause to do our best for the greater good of all humanity; to be human.

There's a dream in the future
There's a struggle that we have yet to win
Use that pride in our hearts
To lift us up into tomorrow
'Cause just to sit still would be a sin
(I know where I'm going)
'Cause I know where I've been 

I hope that we never lose sight of the future that we know we deserve.  Aren't you sick of sitting still?  When we are complacent and condone injustice in the world, this is because we are willing to put up with it in our lives.  Use what we have inside ourselves, use what makes us unique, that makes us stand out, use the very things that make people uncomfortable about our diversity, what makes us special in terms of where have come from.  I don't know how you're feeling right now, but I am extremely confident that if we work together, diligently and consistently, we can totally make it.  I know we can do better, all of us, 'cause I know where I've been. . .