Sunday, 19 June 2016

Free. . .

Whispering in his ear
My magic potion for love
Telling him I'm sincere
And that there's nothin' too good for us

The dreamy introduction of the song together with the percussion effects, synthesiser effects before the rhythm guitar, bass, hammond organ and drums take over with the male background vocals are all the ingredients for classic r'n'b.  I have had this track sitting in my drafts folder for a while now but came across it again when I saw the video for it on Facebook and thought yes, I'm really feeling that song today.  I smile when I think about how you can tell someone you are sincere, but it is totally up to them whether they can handle your sincerity or not.  I guess you can only do what you can, and it is up to them to decide how they feel about what you've said.

And I just got to be me, be me

When you think about your freedom in your life, you would probably safely say that there is no other way that you can see yourself being, other than free.  We sometimes take our freedom for granted, because we haven't had it taken away from us, or have been deprived it like our ancestors have or whether we have subjected other people to that like our ancestors have (depending on what type of ancestors you have I suppose).

I can't imagine myself being anybody else but me.  I don't think you can be anybody else, because people will naturally gravitate themselves towards who you are.  Even when your exterior doesn't match what you think your interior looks like, it doesn't matter.  People are just drawn unequivocally to you.

Teasing hands, all his might
Give our nights such misery
Happiness all the time
Oh, and how that man pleases me

Do people please you?  It will be rare to find someone who can give you the complete satisfaction that you are craving, because there's no such things as a perfect woman or a perfect man or is there?  We don't want to settle either.  We should be able to connect with people who are able to please us in ways that we never imagined.  People who make us feel goof about ourselves, who validate us in areas that we need validation in the most.  So we shouldn't be giving over any of our nights any misery at all, in fact, we should be dedicating all of our energy and experiences to people who understand what we want for ourselves.  Sounds simple enough doesn't it?  But very challenging to find.

But I want to be free, free, free
And I just got be to me, yeah, be me

These lines always make me smile.  I think if you want to be free, especially when you don't feel it, then it's a reminder to get out there and do what you want.

Ba, de ah, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba
(I just got to be me, be me)
Ba, de ah, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba

For the most part, when a singer goes off into using text in this way in a song, the focus is steered more towards the melody and the music, rather than the lexical meaning of the words.  I think of these parts as much like how actors may improvise lines or include non-verbal gestures that aren't part of a script or when a dancer adds some improvised movements that aren't part of the devised choreography, but chooses to deliberately create moves on the spot during the performance.  The main lines in this section is just on 'being free' and to be me.  I think you are at your most free when you are being yourself.  If you aren't, then there's some work that needs to be done to figure out who you are and how to be free again.  I've been coming across too many people who pretend to be someone else in public forums, but privately will be completely vulnerable. What's that all about anyway?  Choose freedom every time.

Feeling you close to me
Makes all my senses smile
Let's not waste ecstasy 
'Cause I'll only be here for awhile

I hope that you are with someone who makes your sense smile.  Even if you aren't, be comforted in the knowledge that maybe you were with someone once who made you feel that way.  In saying this though, it doesn't mean that you will never ever be with someone who makes your sense smile.  It just means that you might come across them and you can't be together, but for the moments that you are connected, enjoy making each other's sense smile.  Because as long as you're going to be you and do what you need to do to be free, I too want to be free, got to be me, be me. . .