Monday, 6 June 2016

Don't wait another day. . .

This blog post is a song request by +Anaru White 

December the 3rd, that's the day the ice stood
It's the day that I proved to myself that fiction is flawed
Shaken not stirred, or to pour me one too
Cos I've got the news, she's still got a soft spot for you

Points of realisation are few and far between.  We rarely see moments of clarity until we are under pressure to take action or we are forced to make a decision that requires action to proceed, whether to move on or move through something.  Do you know anyone who has a soft spot for you?  Sometimes that can be a good or a bad thing, depending on what these people having a soft spot means to you - whether it can work in your favour, or harm you in the long run.  How do you deal with that kind of news if you were to receive it?  Would you carry on being the same, being business as usual or does that forever alter how you will be with that person?  It's something to think about for sure, but not something that should consume your daily life.

Don't wait another day
Don't wait another day
She may not come again this way

Are you in the habit of waiting?  You might be wondering whether you should sit and wait on something to happen in your life or whether you should go out there and make it happen.  I think it totally depends on what you're prepared to do right?  There will be situations that you go through where you think you don't have much room to move, to make decisions that you can take control about your own life and how things work, and more importantly how you choose to live your life.  How do you know that things may not come again if you keep thinking that things always come knocking, that there will always be opportunities?

Onto your bike
Take my car if you need it
To be humble is right 
I'm behind you and I wish you Godspeed
But I'm telling you this time

Are we supportive of our friends?  Do we offer as much support as we possibly can, especially if we are in an opportune position to do so?  I would like to think that my friends and I guess people in general, would be able to come to me for anything (within reason of course), especially if it is in my power to give.  I have had the privilege of coming across great people in my life so far who have offered me support, love, guidance, advice in so many things that I would not have been able to do without them.  I think it's important that we remember to honour them when we can and reciprocate as much as possible.  Granted there will be some people who I have helped that aren't in a capacity to repay me, but then I don't think that I would help them if I think they could.  We should just focus on giving rather than receiving and be humble in how we give, just as we would be if we received.

Don't lose the energy
It's two weeks since she spoke to me
How time can slip away
Start thinking of something to say
Don't wait another day

When you have to think about something to say, or when you have to choose your words, you have to question yourself - why do you need to pick your words so carefully?  Surely you should be able to say what you damn well please and just articulate what comes from your heart?  But we may not understand that the reason why we think carefully about what comes out of our mouth is so that we protect people from getting hurt, understanding that our words have weight, that our words have power, so we can't say things lightly.  How will you use your energy?  What will you attract to yourself?

She may not, she may not come
She may not, she may not come
She may not come again this way

If you know that people and things don't come around again, may not come around, what decision will you make?  You have the power to make things more than you think.  I believe this is because our thoughts have a lot of power when we can transfer these into action.  It takes a lot I guess to make decisions in a split second and trust your instincts and your intuition without question.  It takes a lot of trust in yourself and the repercussions (if any) that you might have to face as a result of those decisions.

Now she's traveling on her own
Right across America then around again then home

Letting go of people and things so that you can live your best life is totally up to you.  I anticipate doing some travel soon because my mind has taken me places that I think I need to catch up with physically.  I'm not sure when, I just know it's going to happen.  I also anticipate travelling on my own and eventually coming home, wherever that will be.  The world would have us believe that we need to travel with lots of people all the time, but I think that in order for us to be at our best, we need to be able to travel and navigate our own journeys of self discovery, alone.  This doesn't make us lonely, just means that we are alone to reflect and meditate on things more clearly with the stillness.

Don't wait another day
Don't wait another day
She may not come again this way

I hope that you become more in control of the days that lie ahead of you; not so you are in control to manipulate others, but so you can face the world with the confidence that you need to master for yourself, to be happy and not have any regrets about how things have turned out in your life.  I hope that you can feel the ease with which to make things happen or sit quietly and enjoy what you have accomplished.  Waiting another day need not be something terrible but in the event that we are pushed to our limits and it is up to you to save the world in your own little world, then don't wait another day. . .