Sunday, 24 April 2016

You might need somebody. . .

This blog post is dedicated to everybody who might need somebody. . . 

When somebody reaches for your heart
Open up and let them through
'Cause everybody needs somebody around
Things can tumble down on you

It might be difficult for you to make your heart available if you haven't put it out there.  When someone reaches for it, what is your natural inclination?  Are you suspicious?  Do you run away?  Do you get mad?  Are you confused?  Do you wonder why they're reaching for it?  Did you say something that gave signals that your heart was available?  For people who are in unfamiliar territory when it comes to matters of the heart, it is understandable why you would guard it like Fort Knox and send for reinforcements to try and deflect unwanted attention.

You'll discover when you look around
You don't have to be alone
Just one lover is all you need to know
When you're feeling all alone

I guess the most obvious reason why we would choose to be alone is because we have been hurt pretty bad in previous relationships or witnessed some shocking relationships growing up, so we don't want to subject ourselves to experience heartaches like that.  You're probably thinking, well, I don't know how to trust myself in those situations because you might be self conscious and not want to be seen as a fool, vulnerable and weak, despite the fact that being vulnerable and weak teaches you to be resilient and strong; becoming the best person you've ever known - yourself.

If there's fire stirring in your heart
And you're sure it's strong and right
Keep it burning through the cold and dark
It can warm the lonely nights

It might be hard to figure out what to do with that fire in your heart.  Does it add value to what you're doing, does it help you as a human being, does it really keep your warm during lonely nights or does it just create more problems and cause you to overheat?  I've always preferred winter because it's easier to warm up, rather than summer where you try to cool down, and I guess this personal preference wins out over any other scientific logic that would determine which is better for us.

Oh, you might need somebody
You might need somebody too
(You might need somebody too). . . 

When we need somebody, we should be able to say when we need them.  I don't believe that you should be with somebody just in case you might need them.  That isn't really fair to the other person and what does that even say about where we want to be in life, where we want to be able to be ourselves with someone else, sharing our weakness and vulnerability in times where we're still faking who we are, showing our superficial selves, in an effort to protect our hearts from breaking or losing our way when we are in too deep with someone.  People will always find their way to you when they need you.  Just don't be that person that everybody might need, because when push comes to shove, how will you deal when you might need somebody too?