Sunday, 17 April 2016

I'm ready. . .

Yeah baby, uh huh, come on. . . 

Romantic love hasn't really been on my radar in recent months, well for a long time.  And nothing has really changed.  So why am I writing a blog post about it?  I guess I just really love this song.  I think about r'n'b songs from the 90s and how they don't write songs like these anymore, and if they try to write songs likes these, it isn't with the same songwriting skills or are we just writing from different places now?  I guess I'm not just talking about how lyrics were more subtle back then and we have now shifted to the more vulgar lyrics of songs that now litter the r'n'b genre but also because I think our senses have been assailed with images of sex that make it seem normal.  What's normal in love anymore?

Baby it was uncool to love me
then leave me standing here now without a goodbye
And then maybe I am the fool you call me
'Cause I'll be here standing, waiting, to hear you say to me

What do you do when feelings change?  How do you cope when things start off hot and heavy and then all of a sudden it starts to slow down again?  I guess open communication goes a long way to making things more transparent and easy to understand with each other.  The only reason you wouldn't be able to come to some common ground is because you're spending time trying to be right all the time and laud that over someone, rather than celebrate what you love about each other.

I'm ready (you know I'm ready), to love you (to love), forever (forever)
Hey love, come love and me forever more

It's that moment when you are trying to prove to someone that you are ready to love somebody but they don't believe you.  What would you do if you are in that position?  How can you make someone believe that you love them?  Do you prove your love to them?  Why do people need convincing?  Maybe they've been hurt really bad in the past and don't know how to love someone in return, completely.  Maybe they don't think that you can be trusted because you haven't really loved anyone in the past so why would they be any different to others in your past?  All of these worries and assumptions can quickly disappear and melt into the background when we are prepared to lay our hearts on the line and just be honest.  We open ourselves up to be ready for heartbreak as well as love, but nobody said love was easy.  Nothing good is ever easy to gain or achieve.  It just depends on how hard you want to work or fight for it.  Either lay yourself open to be loved, or lay yourself open to love someone.

Sometimes when I'm alone I feel sad
I know you'll leave me once again and take my pride
And maybe I am the fool you call me
'Cause I'll be here standing, waiting, to hear you say to me

Do you know someone like this?  Maybe you're the person who's trying to convince someone else that you really do love them - but they just don't want to hear about it?  Are you someone who constantly leaves someone in order to keep them tied to you like a puppet on a string?  Would you really mistreat someone in this way in order to not have your heart broken yourself?  Why would you subject yourself to this type of treatment?  How long will you stand there waiting for someone to say that they love you, when you know deep in your heart that they have every intention of keeping you there standing and waiting?  Love raises more questions for me than answers.  But I guess that's natural when romantic love is corrupted by so many things.  We can become cynical about it and become blase about it.  I guess you can shift your focus to other forms of love that will satisfy your need to be loved - showing love for others in other situations where they are unloved too.

And once again I'll be right here
Waiting to share your love
But I hope this time for once
We'll forever mean it, oh

The bridge in every r'n'b' song was a chance to show off the vocal abilities of the singer, especially because it signaled the climax of the final choruses to close the song, where the singer would sing over all of those choruses with countermelodies that would really make the song.  When a song becomes a favourite song (I can only speak for myself, I don't know about you), but it becomes a favourite with me because of those final choruses.  You can often hear the passion of the singer in those moments.  I sometimes imagine what the producer would've told them to do in order to pull out those melodic motifs from within their souls.  Maybe the artist had it all along and we're just hearing their musical genius.  For whatever reason you have favourite songs, I hope they make you happy and smile and help you through difficult times in your own life, just as they have in mine.  These songs continue to guide me through moments when I know  I'm ready. . .