Monday, 18 April 2016

Another you. . .

Every time I hear this song, I feel like I melt into the piano keys.  I've talked before about the fact that  there is nothing that can compare or come close to describing how the melodic motif of a song can fit the harmony of the chords, much like how a pair of gloves can fit your hands so snugly on a cold winter's day.  I think a lot about how music can do that to me, how I can't imagine the pianist playing any other notes that could possibly improve or embellish the melody any more than it already has - it just fits perfectly.

If I travelled all around the world, I know what I would find
Someone half as smart, someone half as sweet 
Half as lovely and half as kind
If I was the ruler of a kingdom with a house of wives to choose
It wouldn't even compare to what I've got right here with you

Do you take compliments well?  It can be hard on the ears to hear flattery as it's something you can  flat out deny, squirm uncomfortably with or accept with grace and humility.  Does anybody feel this sense of gratitude for having you in their life?  Do you feel this sense of gratitude about someone in your life?  I think we can often forget to tell people how much they mean to us.  We forget that we need to say these things and mean them, especially if we find it hard to articulate our feelings or have so many feelings inside that we can't make sense of how to express them clearly.

So if I stumble just a bit, trying to say what's on my mind
Please excuse me cause I never felt the way that I feel inside
It's possible, I may have finally found my dream come true
There could never be another you

I could never understand why you struggled with what to say to me.  I'm not saying it's because I found it easy to say what I needed to say, but just that you seemed to really think about what you had to say and you wanted to have the words come out just as you meant.  I would have been happy with whatever you had to say as long as it came from the heart.  I guess when you know exactly how you feel, then of course you would want to make sure that you can frame your thinking into words that encompass what you are saying.

Start watching from 1:18 when the piano introduction begins

The stars are bright tonight 
They know you're mine oh mine 
I knew that it would be alright when my other dreams fell through
And for this very night I've waited all my life
Standing straight and tall
I'll give my all to you

There is something to be said about moments in your life, especially those moments where you know that they are significant turning points, particularly when it comes to professing your love, or realising that you are on the precipice of revealing your true intentions.  How do you prepare yourself, steady yourself to present yourself, throwing caution to the wind about what the reaction or response may be - you're just so ready to get things off your chest that nothing else matters.  What would you give?  How much is your all?  To fully invest yourself, your time, energy and love into someone because you deemed them worthy enough of your love, that you thought you could give nothing less but your all.  That's pretty epic.  The anticipation of the moment when you will reveal everything.  I can't imagine how you would feel and how you would be able to contain yourself.

So please excuse me if I . . . 
Stumble just a bit trying to say what's on my mind
Please excuse me cause I never felt the way that I feel inside
It's possible I may have finally found my dream come true
There could never be another you
There could never be. . . 
Another you. . . 

I don't think there is any need to ask to be excused.  You should be able to declare how you feel without fear of the repercussions of what you have to say.  I think we often forget how much we bottle things inside and never let them see the light of day, so we spend a lot of the time living in the shadows, keeping our true feelings in the darkness away from the warmth of a reciprocated love.

I hope that one day someone feels the same way that you feel, and that they believe that they too, when they look at you, cannot imagine living life without you, because there could never be another you. . .