Sunday, 20 March 2016

Whistle down the wind. . .

Whistle down the wind
Let your voices carry
Drown out all the rain
Light a patch of darkness
Treacherous and scary

I don't really know how to whistle.  I've tried and failed on many occasions growing up so it's something I've been quite comfortable in accepting.  I guess it all comes down to technique but also if you're a natural whistler, then you're able to work on including some other embellishments to enhance your whistling.  When you have patches of darkness in your life that are treacherous and scary, do you know how to light them up?  Do you have the necessary tools to light up those patches of darkness and if you don't, are you able to access those tools when you need them?

Howl at the stars
Whisper when you're sleepy
I'll be there to hold you
I'll be there to stop
The chills and all the weeping

When you are vulnerable and in your weakest state, do you have the right support system around you?  Do you know who to turn to when you need someone to just hold you and not even have to say anything?  It may be difficult for you to know how to support your friends when they are going through some treacherous and scary times.  You want to be able to be a supportive friend and not what to say and do to make those dark patches in their lives go away, to try and be a beacon of light when they find themselves lingering in those dark patches.  Have you seen what's it like to see your friends go through such pain?  You might look in the mirror at yourself from time to time and notice yourself in some dark patches, or you just stop looking in mirrors and take less selfies because you don't like the look of yourself these days.

Make it clear and strong
So the whole night long
Every signal that you send
Until the very end
I will not abandon you my precious friend

It is always easier to be there for someone else, rather than be there for yourself.  I think as a society, I'm not talking about a specific one here, I'm just writing out loud I guess, but I am thinking about how we as humans can support each other better and be aware of the signals that we put out.  Granted there are genuine loving people who care about the welfare of others much more clearly than they do themselves, but there are probably just as equal amount of other people who don't care about the welfare of others but instead are motivated by other things that must come to the detriment of others.

So try and stand the tide
Then you'll raise a banner
Send a flare up in the sky
Try to burn a torch
And try to build a bonfire

What motivates you to seek help and send a flare up in the sky?  When do we know when the right time is to ask for help?  How do we know when we need to be rescued?  When can you seek a very public rescue for your private pain?  When I think of bonfires I can recall sitting around them with groups of people who were happy to let their fears and woes burn into the night with those bonfires, those fears and woes written on pieces of wood that we threw into the fire.  We would watch those pieces of wood burn, convert into embers that flickered upwards towards the night sky and feel that sense of relief and peace of mind that seemed to crackle in its comforting rhythm.  Do you have such a group of people in your life that you can surround yourself with?

Every signal that you send
Until the very end
I'm there

I am definitely grateful to all of my friends and family who have been there for me over so very many different points of my life and I'm sure you feel the same about your own life, about your own troubles that you have in your life.  I think at times the most comforting things I have experienced, that have restored my faith in humanity have occurred when I've been confronted with random acts of kindness, with small surprises I never expected or grand gestures that have been accompanied with tears of joy.  I guess as much as I can, I just want to be there for people as much as I can.  I just want people to know I can be there for them too :-)

So whistle down the wind
For I have always been
Right there
oh yeah. . .