Saturday, 6 February 2016

Wonderful. . .

Did the world get a little bit colder
No wiser just a little bit older
So slow that we were bound to fall over, oh

We're probably never been so globally connected and been so aware of what's happening in the world than in our current lifetime.  Even as we age we may not necessarily make the right decisions for ourselves because things keep changing so fast, so suddenly that we always seem quite slow when we're trying to gauge our bearings when we are knocked off course.  The opening bars of this song leans itself towards the potential for a meditative state, with the haunting accompaniment of the arpeggiated electric guitar, the constant finger clicks and the shadows painted by the backing vocal harmony with the shimmering strings that also swell in waves of subtle crescendos.

Did the heart grow a little bit harder
Too much, too late, too far, too gone

We must be careful not to let our hearts harden when we come across difficult decisions when it comes to love, when it comes to a time in your life where you are faced with change, or you meet someone who can threaten to take your whole career pathway off course with some craziness you can't quite understand.  Our hearts can harden too easily when it seems like it can threatened to feel too much, to feel something when it is too late, to feel something that takes you too far, to feel something from someone who you know will be too gone in the scheme of your own life.

But wasn't it kind of wonderful
Wasn't it kind of wonderful, baby
Wasn't it kind of wonderful, wonderful

Wonderful moments of love that you once captured will remain with you as long as you keep them.  The kind of wonderful things, moments, people that we shared those wonderful things and moments with - can almost seem as if we look upon them as figments of our imagination, because that kind of wonderful isn't meant to happen in reality, but only in fairytale storybooks and movies where the hero always gets the heroine.  What kind of wonderful did you have?  What kind of wonderful do you want to be able to sustain?  What kind of wonderful has yet to happen to you?  It's exciting to think of the prospect.  To know that something or someone kind of wonderful is on the horizon.

You can trip, flick a switch negative
Break the circuit between us
But electricity lingers
In our fingers

You question when you come into contact with people - when sparks fly, and I'm not just talking about the energy or chemistry between people that comes with physical attraction, I'm talking about the connection of being drawn to people that you don't know, have never met before and somehow feel connected to.  How do you deal with electricity that lingers in your fingers from the circuit between you and someone like that?  You always wait and observe don't you.  Waiting for the perfect time when an opportunity will arise to address the elephant in the room, or in this case, the electricity in your fingers.  What happens to things that you touch after you have parted ways with this person?  Who knows if you even need to understand it.

Oh you can burn every fuse and refuse
Turn your positive minus
Electricity lingers
In our fingers

You will also try every opportunity to sabotage any other future situations because you think it will ruin what needs to never change.  What can be seen as a seemingly innocent turn of events has the potential to alter how you will interact with all other people who never feel electricity from you.  Will you burn every fuse and refuse?  Will you turn your positive minus?  Why must we continue to be negative about situations where that emotion has no place there?  We often allow negative emotions to occupy places that does not require it.

From here there's nothing but horizon
Near dawn I'm searching for the sunrise
Remember when you put the stars into my eyes, oh

I hope that you will understand that in our deepest and darkest pits of despair, we need to soak up the atmosphere of the vast horizon, the wide open spaces that we think must be filled; we just need to be comfortable with the resonance within our own voices when we scream out to break the silence.

I hope you get to see your sunrise someday.  Often we can be afraid to embrace what has been predestined for us to experience, because society teaches us to question everything that comes our way, we are meant to interrogate what is easily staring us in the face with no hidden agendas.  I hope that when the right opportunity comes along that you will be able to say for yourself without the slightest hesitation, reminiscing about your own something or someone kind of wonderful, remember when you put the stars into my eyes, oh. . .