Monday, 15 February 2016

Unashamed. . .

If I changed my mind, if I changed my faith
Every time a stop light signalled
Each time I made mistakes
I don't think that I would be where I am today
I live my life without regrets
What you see is
What you see is
What you see is what you get 
And I'm. . . 

I think it is important for people to remember that when they make mistakes, that they need to stop focusing so much on the mistakes but more so on the lesson they need to learn from the situation.  It takes a very long time to figure this out, because you might have to amass quite a few mistakes in your life, especially if they are the same mistakes that you keep making (someone not getting the hint fast enough to stop making said mistakes?) but once you realise what it is that you are meant to rectify, you will soon start to see your life take shape and in some direction.

Unashamed of the life I lead
Unashamed of the strength on my knees
Of choices I've made 
Of love that I've saved
Of the things I've done
My belief in the One
Unashamed of the words of my friends
I know who they are
They make mistakes, make amends
Follow my instincts, my star
On my sleeve I wear my heart 

Being unapologetic about how you choose to live your life is something that people will strive to achieve but rarely will in their lifetime.  I'm not saying that you need to exercise some level of arrogance, of self-entitlement that means you can skate through life without responsibility and accountability.  In fact, I'm saying that it's mostly about the idea that you don't need to worry too much about making mistakes at all, because we're not perfect people, we are meant to make mistakes and learn from them, not just recklessly make mistakes and think that we are invincible.  A friend kindly reminded me that nobody is invincible.  

Adding up my life, it totals all my dreams
I'm counting all my blessings
And the gifts I have received
Still there's always someone
Something to overcome
Took all my life to understand
That I am what I am, who I am

Blaming other people or other situations for things not going your way is a very easy and very human thing to do.  We do this because we are unwilling to take stock of what we did to ensure that we recognise what our thoughts and actions can lead to.  It's like watching a train wreck about to happen, and you know this because you see it coming, but it's in slow motion and you know you're helpless to stop it so you just sit there and can't help but watch the impact.  How many train wrecks have you caused?  How many train wrecks have you been a passenger on?

Do you wanna know how it goes?
Do you wanna control how I feel?
Do you wanna stay in my life?
Then listen here, and listen good
You got to get it, got to get it
Got to get it right, unashamed. . . 

I hope that you are able to surround yourself with people who will accept and celebrate you being unashamedly you.  Granted that it might take you a fair bit of time to sift through some different circles of friends and work in different environments before you are able to truly be yourself.  I think we need to be more careful about other people trying to control how we feel, trying to have power over our emotions, particularly where they don't belong.  Do you know when people are really listening to you?  When people really listen good to what you say?  You've got to get it, got to get it, got to get it right. . .