Thursday, 11 February 2016

Hey. . .

I have a couple of song requests or song endorsements that still need to see the light of day.  As of tonight there are 100 drafts of blog posts that I have yet to write.  Most of the time I write things in varying stages and complete them when I come across one that speaks to me more than all of the rest.  Today's song is one that was sent to me by a friend only this afternoon.  As a pianist I automatically fell in love with the haunting chord progressions, the interpretative style of the piano playing that tugs at the heart strings of my own heart, where the touch of the hands on the keys can infuse the feelings and emotions embodied in the lyrics and harmonies with such a complementary partnership that sings of love, resonates with love.

Hey, I know how it will end cause it's already been told

Happily after only happens in fairytales, daydreams or never
But I wished hard on the stars

The pianist explains to us at the beginning of the video about the universal intention of the song to explore all types of love and the connections that we have with people.  I am a firm believer of connections.  There are some occasions where you connect on such a deep level with people that you don't remember feeling that soul connection before.  Have you wished for deeper soul connections in this way?  You never think such soulmate connections happen.  I have written about this topic in previous blog posts (see Soulmate, Don't wake me up, Perfect, Ki te aroha. . . e ipo).

Now here you are (That's where you are)
Shining through the sky, light in my dark
Even stars burn out but you held the spark
Now here you are to stay (here in my heart you'll stay)

I guess when you connect with someone on a level that you can't explain the connection logically, you might think that it is divine intervention, and it probably is.  You won't be able to question how long the connection will last either, so just enjoy it while it lasts.  We are never meant to know about the brightness of the stars we come across in our lives, only except to remember that we connect with such people as they guide us through lessons that they are meant to teach us not about them, but about ourselves.  But there might the rare ones you come across that shine so bright in the sky, that never lose their spark, because they are waiting for your own brightness to reflect from within yourself to answer the spark from them.  Do you stay in the hearts of others even when you think you no longer need to be, or you no longer want to be?

Hey, it's true
You were made for me, and I you
Beyond cloud nine
Higher than high past the sky where I'll find
Not too far, in the stars

So what do you do to keep the sparks flying as you connect in the sky far beyond anybody else's reach?  What do you know to be true about what you are feeling with this connection?  You should be feeling that when people are made for you and you are made for them, that they may not necessarily come in the packages that you expect for them to come in.  They might come in the forms that you need them to come in to help you on your journey, and not necessarily in the form that the you want.  You can argue, well, the heart wants what the heart wants.  But I can counter argue and say well, the heart needs what the heart needs.  Are you a good enough listener to know what your heart needs?  What you need to be absorbing from your soulmate - in whatever shape or form that they come in?

Hey you are 
What I wished for when I saw that shooting star
Hey, hey now you are
All I wished on a star
Hey, now you are
All I wished on a star
Hey, hey now you are
All I wished on a star. . . 

The thing about shooting stars that they are fleeting.  But I find that I'm starting to come across more and more shooting stars in my life who linger longer than I thought they would and I think maybe it's either because they are meant to be there to teach me lessons I haven't learned yet, or I need to share something with them to help them move on.  Whatever the case may be, I know that wishes come true if you wish hard enough on stars.  I just think that your wishes convert those stars into shooting stars that find their way to you and leave imprints in your heart that you need to either hold onto or let go.  Until you make those decisions, I hope that you never stop wishing on stars, because hey you are, What I wished for when I saw that shooting star. . .