Wednesday, 24 February 2016

God only knows. . .

Darkness settles on the ground
Leaves the day stumbling blind
Coming to a quiet close
And maybe just in time
We've almost lost the heart to know
How to keep our best in mind
We've almost lost the heart to know
How to keep our best in mind

There can be times in your life where you will come to a crossroads or reach an indefinite or undefined space that seems unfamiliar to you.  We can often question and start to doubt how we feel about things, situations, people and more importantly ourselves.  How can we keep our best in mind?  What do you think about when it comes to improving yourself and being the best version of yourself for others, particularly when you are caught up in time moving ahead or on without you ready to claim yourself in those moments.

Time has turned an angry face
Throws a dark eye back to the sea
But what will pass for mercy now
We'll practice unforgivingly
As if might and will make it right
Or either one of us could make us free
As if might and will make it right
Or either one could make us free

Why does time look upon us with an angry face?  Did we not use our time constructively and treat time with the respect that it deserves?  Did we gloss over things in such a way that we forgot how to honour what we needed to do?  When you practice unforgivingly, does it come across as being callous and not as remorseful as it should be?  If might and will are not the right things that could make us free, what can we rely on?  Mercy can often be misconstrued, misinterpreted and actually seems to be the one that is practiced unforgivingly.  Is it important to be right all the time?  Is this the ultimate goal every time we have a conversations with someone?  That we want to be able to say that you were right all along?

Lovers laugh and cross this way
They're weaving out into the street
It seems we never were so young
Or it was never quite so sweet
But the world is always beautiful
When it's seen in full retreat
The worst of life looks beautiful
As it slips away in full retreat

It is almost an oversimplification of the worst kind if you judge yourself in comparison to lovers who laugh as they pass you by in the street.  When the worst of life offers you nothing but trouble, pain, angst, tears and fatigue - yet you can still notice that it looks beautiful - how do you train yourself to see this?  How do you weave like the lovers do in your life?  We must be observant and vigilant to notice all of the subtle details around us.

God only knows that we can do 
No more or less than he'll allow
Well, God only knows that we mean well
God only knows that we just don't know how
But I try to be your light in love
And pray that is enough for now
Well I try to be your light in love
And I'll pray that is enough for now

I hope that you understand how much you can be that light in love for someone.  It doesn't need to be necessarily in a romantic capacity either, I'm talking about being a light for someone whose world may seem to be cleverly cloaked in darkness.  How do you know that being a light in this way for someone is enough?   Can good intentions be enough anymore to make this kind of connection?  Knowing when something is sufficient and just right can be challenging.  We may think we know when things are enough, but trusting yourself in this unsafe space is what we need to do in order to be able to understand ourselves more, understand ourselves better, so that one day, we will know that is enough for now. . .