Saturday, 16 January 2016

Who can I turn to. . .

This blog post is dedicated to those who are feeling like they are missing someone in their lives. . . 

You will come to some points in your life where you feel like you don't know what to do with your life because you've relied on somebody to be there for you and to help you figure things out.  It is always a comforting thing to have somebody there as your security blanket, to talk to by talking things out and to give you some reassurance or affirmation about where you need to go.

Have you ever felt like you've been left alone in this way?  To figure things out for yourself because somebody else has moved on or things have happened beyond your control and they have left you permanently (i.e. they've passed away) and you're trying to figure out how to cope with making decisions and staying focused on your plan on your own?

Who can I turn to, when nobody needs me?
My heart wants to know 
And so I must go
Where destiny leads me

Reaching our destiny is hard to do alone, particularly if what you're doing puts you in a position where nobody else knows what you're going through, nobody else quite knows what kind of support you need and nobody else really talks to you enough to know that you look like when you need help.  Those are always the ironic things that strong people are faced with - when from the outside they look like they have it so much together that the rest of the world doesn't know that they need help until something drastic happens.

With no star to guide me 
And no one beside me
I'll go on my way and after the day
The darkness will hide me

This is when we need to be learning the most about ourselves.  There's only so much that other people can do for you because ultimately - everyone leaves.  So rather than focus on the separation or the sense of loss that happens when you feel alone or lonely, focus instead on what you need to do day by day in order to reach your destiny.  I think even if you don't know what your destiny is, I'm confident that you'll know what it is once you reach it.  I believe that you will sense a feeling of completion or you will be able to breathe again once you have reached your destination.  You won't know what you destiny-tion will be until you reach it.  The exciting thing is being able to bring yourself our of the darkness that you are trying to hide yourself in.  Nobody can see your light shining from there if you choose to hide.

And maybe tomorrow 
I'll find what I'm after
I'll throw off my sorrows
Beg steal or borrow my share of laughter

You must continue to hold onto hope.  You cannot be discouraged and give up easily, because your destiny needs to be reached.  You probably don't realise it right now, but so many people will benefit from the work that you do once you reach your destiny.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and feel the pressure of having to perform to a high standard for a consistently long amount of time in order for people to see the progress that you are making.  I wouldn't even worry about that.  Instead focus on feeling good now in order to get to the destiny faster.  It is important to laugh along the way.  It is important to sit with people and share laughter with them so that your heart can be full again.

With you I could learn to
With you on a new day
But who can I turn to 
If you turn away?

I know in my past I have always been the someone that people relied on to make them feel like they were able to get on their way, that when I disappeared from their lives, they wondered how they were going to survive without me.  Instead I knew during those times, that I needed to leave them otherwise they would never know how to turn inwards and not outwards to me at every single turn.  I mean, what's the point of turning outwards to others if you can't turn inwards to yourself first, to check and trust what you think and believe and feel so that you can start living what you have from within?

With you I could learn to
With you on a new day
But who can I turn to
If you turn away?

I hope that I will know in time when I am able to trust someone to show me a new day.
I hope that I will never stop learning and know that when I no longer need to look inwards to myself because I don't trust others, that I can start to turn outwards and learn to with you. . . whoever you are. . .