Saturday, 2 January 2016

Hold me tight. . .

When we have fights with our lovers, partners, spouses, whatever name you want to call them, we tend to hold onto being indignant in that sense, because we feel that we have been aggrieved or wronged, our sense of justice far supersedes a healthy outcome or solution for the fight.  Of course hindsight is 20/20 and we wouldn't know this, wouldn't know to learn about this and add to our knowledge, if we weren't willing to accept our fault in the stage of the argument or fight.  I think once I learned this for myself, I quickly recognised how other people hadn't learned this when I would see them argue with their partners.  I would often wonder - would they ever learn that lesson?  Well, it wasn't my place to say.

I don't want to hear it
No more fussin' and fightin' baby
Hold me tight
Let's let bygones be bygones
Let's think about tomorrow girl
Our future's bright

This is what I'm talking about - letting bygones be bygones.  Are we mature enough to deal with things in this way?  What stops us from holding grudges?  The classic one is when the argument is resolved, you kiss and makeup and then the next time you have a fight - you bring up all past transgressions - it's a rookie mistake - everyone does it - but it's a bad habit that needs to be squashed.  You very easily become labelled the "holding grudges" or "bringing up the past" guy.  Nobody wants to be that guy.  Would you want to be that guy?  Who would want to be typecast as that role?  It's not a fun role to play.  You just look like a bitter and twisted whining person who isn't ready to accept responsibility for anything.

Well I know I was wrong
But I was just too blind to see
Too blind to see 
You were the only girl for me
Ah but now I see the light
and everything's gonna be alright 

Oh well there it is.
That's a totally different scenario then.
When someone sees you as one of his bevy of beauties, likes to be wanted by all the ladies and not just you?  Are you willing to forgive a man who does that?  It all depends doesn't it.  How much you love him, how he has convinced you that he is going to change and nothing is going to happen anymore.  Maybe he was too blind to see because he was looking at the other wrong women ha!  He probably sees you as his light now.

Baby hold me tight
Well, I know I was wrong
But, I was just a fool
Too blind to see
You were the only girl for me
Ah but now I see the light
and everything's gonna be alright
Baby, hold me tight

I hope that you take the opportunity of this new year to resolve any differences with people.  Not just your partners and those people in those positions, but also just with other people in general.  I know I will certainly be working on that for myself.  It is something that I want to improve because I think it is very easy to have your words or actions misconstrued by people, very easy to be misunderstood by people.  If you have issues with people, talk it out, let them know, I mean, how else are you going to achieve favourable outcomes for all involved?  Don't hold onto being right, but hold onto being just, for all :-)