Thursday, 3 December 2015

You should know where I'm coming from. . .

I had always intended to blog about this song.  It has a sharp painful quality to it that I think is beautiful.  There is beauty in pain, because I think once you start to understand your pain and what it means to be hurt - you can develop the resilience faster to recover.  But before you can heal, you must understand what the lesson is here, consider what lead you to this place and how you can let yourself out, rather than relying on or waiting for someone's permission to release yourself from your private pain.

What if I said I would break your heart?
What if I said I had problems that made me mean?
What if I knew I would just rip your mind apart?
Would you let me out?

You know when music speaks to you more than you ever could to yourself, let alone to other people?  It's one of the magical things that I love about music - even when it also has the power to break you.  Have you had your heart broken?  Have you been mean to others because of the problems that you face?  It can be extremely hard to escape a trap that you didn't realise that you've unwittingly fallen into; you find that you didn't know how you happened upon this unfamiliar place, and you start to panic because you can't remember how to get out of here.  Is this why I would rip your mind apart?  Because my mind is the strongest asset that I would have in my arsenal to attack?

Maybe you can stop before you start
Maybe you can see that I may be just too crazy to love 
If I told you solitude fits me like a glove
Would you let me out?

How have you enjoyed the solitude?  When people try to keep you engaged with them and you don't want to be engaged - how do you deal with that?  How do you make them understand that you need space to be able to adjust to what needs to stop before it can be started?  You start to think that you are being help captive or in some respects against your will, because you need to be able to make  others feel right about what doesn't sit well with them, and in the process, your hurting is compounded by their own hurt - so it can be a very tricky situation.  I think I would be more inclined to let myself out, rather than worry too much about what the details are, what the specifics are in a given situation.  What could you possibly have to gain by having such knowledge?

You ought to know where I'm coming from
How I was alone when I burnt my home
And all of the pieces were torn and thrown
You should know where I'm coming from

Your mind flicks through all the scenarios in your head and you start to see things that you had missed before.  You start to wonder to yourself, how did I miss that?  How could I have been so blind?  But you knew, you always felt and knew, but didn't want to say.  Burning and throwing out the torn pieces is all you can do.  Should people know where you're coming from?  There is definitely almost a sense of some sort of grieving process that must take place, particularly when you are confronted by change that has finally revealed itself.  Not to worry, it is all part of some divine plan that although it doesn't seem to make sense right now - will make perfect sense for future generations.

What if I said I was just too young?
What if I said I was built on bricks of carelessness and crumbs
What if I said I'd be gone before I could come
Would you let me out?

All I can say is don't let yourself become a prisoner of your own making.
Too many people go through life trying to be someone they aren't, be with people they don't want to be with and generally live some kind of existence that doesn't resemble any type of real living.  Can you see yourself coming and going, like the tides that follow the moon, because you need to be released from your private pain?

Your soul outweighs my own, my own
But you turn me away from my low blows
Boy, you should've known. . . 

I hope that you have peace within your soul, because only you can determine what type of peace you hold within your heart and how you can avoid any low blows that would threaten to hurt others, because you've now started to beat up on yourself.  You don't need to do that.  What you should know, particularly when you should know where I'm coming from - is that I will be going back to that place where I'm coming from, before coming back to you. . .