Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Stars. . .

I was never one for singing what I really feel
Except tonight I'm bringing everything I know that's real

I think the thing I love most about singing karaoke is an opportunity to pretend to be somebody else for a few minutes and just sing anything other than what you really feel.  Do you think about what you can bring, is everything real and why would you make an exception for tonight to bring it, as opposed to all other opportunities you might have had to be able to be real?  I guess I'm just struggling with reality these days or starting to lose my grip on it.  I said to a friend last night, I feel like I'm on a merry go round spinning incessantly at a high speed and I can't get off.

Stars they come and go, they come fast or slow
They go like the last of the sun, all in a blaze
And all you see is glory
Hey but it gets lonely there when there's no one here to share
We can shake it away, if you'll hear a story

I think about stars sometimes and how they shine so bright in the night sky.  Do you think stars are content with the function and role that they have to play?  Only being truly visible in the night sky, at night time of course.  They are somewhat limited in when they come out I guess, but do you supposed they're limited in how bright they are able to shine?  They come and go like the moon, come fast or slow like waves crashing on a beach.

People lust for fame like athletes in a game
We break our collarbones and come up swinging
Some of us are drowned
Some of us are crowned, and some are lost and never found
But most have seen it all
They live their lives in sad cafes and music halls
They always come up singing

Not everyone can be a star I guess.  We can definitely be taught how to shine, but whether we will be able to take our position as stars in this world, that will totally be up to how much we are capable of being stars, how much we want to be stars, because motivation, particularly intrinsic motivation should be enough to drive you to be that star, should you strongly desire to be so.

Some make it when they're young
Before the world has done its dirty job
And later on someone will say
"You've had your way, now you must make way"
But they'll never know the pain of living with a name you never owned
or the many years forgetting what you know too well
That the ones who gave the crown have been let down
You try to make amends without defending
Perhaps pretending you never saw the eyes of grown men of twenty-five
That follow you as you walk and ask for autographs
Or kiss you on the cheek and you can never believe they really loved you
Some make it when they're old
(Perhaps they have a soul they're not afraid to bare 
or perhaps there's nothing there)

I think about the people who decide when stars should become stars.  Who makes decisions that impact on your life?  Do you have any control over whether you are a star or not?  When do we understand how to feel about our stardom - we might be stars from an early age, or we might be stars in later life - and I guess it comes down to people to decide when we become part of that story, when our own story becomes 'written in the stars' with all of the other stories.

Stars, they come and go, they come fast they come slow
They go like the last light of the sun, all in a blaze
And all you see is glory 
But most have seen it all
They live their lives in sad cafes and music halls
They always have a story

Do we marvel at stars and wonder at how fast or how slow they come?  It is natural for us to only see what we want to see with stars?  We see the end product I guess but fail to see the struggle of what it means, what it takes to burn bright in a dark night sky.  What stories are we prepared to listen to when we come face to face with these stars?

Some women have a body men will want to see and so they put it on display 
Some people play a fine guitar, I could listen to them play all day
Some ladies really move across the stage and gee, they sure can dance
I guess I could learn how, if I gave it half a chance

Maybe if you're not feeling like a star, all you need to do is apply yourself, make a real effort and you could try to do all of the things that other people do that you find fascinating and intriguing.  The thing you need to remember though is that everyone is able to become a star if they work hard and learn how to shine.  I'm not interested in associating with stars who try to sabotage the light of other stars, just leave well enough alone.  Dimming the light of others doesn't make yours burn brighter, in fact, nobody likes looking at a star that spends it entire career making other stars look bad.  Stay positive and do you.

But I always feel so funny when my body tries to soar 
And I always seem to worry about missing the next chord
I guess there isn't anything to put up on display
Except the tunes, and whatever else I say
But anyway, that isn't really what I meant to say
I meant to tell a story, I live from day to day

Do you reflect on moments where you wish you had said something but didn't?  You had the opportune time to say your piece but you held yourself back - why did you do that?  It can be easy enough to stumble through conversations saying things you aren't meant to say and never saying what you should be saying.  How often will you be able to tell your story from day to day?  You will find that your story will change as you live, that your story will change depending on the audiences that you tell it to - will this make you any less of a star if you keep changing your story too?

So if you don't lose patience with my fumbling around
I'll come up singing for you, even when I'm down. . . 

I hope that I will keep singing.  I find that I sing the strongest when I've been down.
I tend to choose songs that are melancholy and have a tinge of sadness to it because I need to enjoy being in this space where woe, sorrow and pensiveness must dwell until I am ready to take off its heavy cloak that I wear.  It's enough to be someone else for a few minutes when you sing.  I'll keep singing for you then, even when you don't know what your song or story should be about.  I know how the tune goes. . .