Monday, 7 December 2015

Simple. . .

Conversation series:  A conversation with myself. . . a conversation I hardly have, but need to :-)
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The past and the future
Is a bad neighbourhood
I'd live in the present if only I could
When I'm in the moment
It's nothing but good
So very still

How does one have a conversation with one's self?  For a start, not talking in the third person would help ha!  I'm enjoying the "present moments" more now.  I never really thought about it before but it's important to have "me time" and do things for myself, to have time out, to recharge my batteries so that I can continue to function at peak performance mode for as long as possible.  It can all too often seem like I can let the past dictate the future and then completely forget to live in the present.  I wonder how long the present will last though?  It almost seems as if the present only lasts long enough until you move to the next activity and live a new present moment; leaving a residual present moment or creating a past moment that can't come with us, but only in our minds as memories.

Holding the silence up to my ear
A sound that's so beautiful
No one can hear
A sound that's so awesome
No one comes near
So very still

It has been hard to listen to silence lately.  If I keep completely still I can kind of strain my ears to listen for silence, try to hold up objects to my ear in the hopes of hearing that silence, but instead I get a lot of vibrations and echoes of sounds that fill my head.  Probably explains why I've been cleaning things out a lot lately in the hopes that physical sparsity will help to contribute to physical silence in my mind.  Nobody likes to listen to silence.  It's more than a lull in a conversation, because people normally sit in that silence and make it awkward because they feel that space needs to be filled with sound or conversation.  Not necessarily.  I like to sit with my silence.  People would probably find that weird about me as I'm seen as an extrovert.  I'm a Pasifika transformer - more than meets the eye.

Love is simple, love is simple, love is simple
Trying to peel the rubbish away
Love is simple, love is simple, love is simple
Boiling it down to only today
It's the way

I've been writing so much about love and relationships, but I guess in order for all of that to eventuate in your life - you need to love yourself first.  I wonder about the rubbish that needs to be pulled away?  I wonder if people really understand how simple love is, because you make of it what you will really, it's a matter of perception.  I hope I can always tell what the rubbish looks like when I need to be able to ascertain the difference between it and real treasure of worth and value.  If I drill it down to today, I need to ask myself - what am I leaving today knowing?  What will be my last thought when I go to sleep?

Every molecule under the sun

All of the energy running the fun
Patiently whispering you are all one
So very still

I am probably more conscious of being connected to anyone and everyone now more than ever.
If I am able to love who I am then I should be able to love all others, regardless of what they've done to me, to others I love and who loves them.  Does everyone have the same amount of patience?  Do you find it hard to keep still let alone being very still?

Ooh there's nothing like romance 
Life without physical love - not a chance
But deep down beneath that primitive dance
The song of the universe hums

I'd like to think that I've heard the song of the universe so many times, so many different ways and with so many different people.  The vocal section after this bridge is simply beautiful.  I love the harmonies that are used in this song, as the harmonies symbolise to me the idea of connectedness that you have with people who also think or feel the way as you.

Nobody said love was easy but. . . love yourself, love others, let them love you and love freely, it's that simple :-)