Monday, 21 December 2015

Next lifetime. . .

Has this happened to you?  You will have come across people in your life who you can't be with for a variety of reasons, that may include the following:
1) you're already with someone so you can't be with them
2) they're already with someone so you can't be with them
3) you almost had something, but it was too hard to make it work
4) timing is all wrong, just missed the boat.

Now what am I supposed to do
When I want you in my world
How can I want you for myself
When I'm already someone's girl?

We stay with who we are with because we have made promises and decisions that dictate that we do the right things for those we love, but I guess that's a matter of perception right?  When we made vows and commitments to people, we made promises to be there and to be present for them, it's not a dictatorship, we aren't forced to do anything that we didn't sign on the dotted line for.  We then learn to push aside our newly found desires because they are recent, more fresh and seem more exciting from what we perceive to be the mundane.

First time that I saw you boy
It was a warm and sunny day
All I know is I wanted you
I really hoped you looked my way
Then you smiled at me
So warm and sweet
I could not speak
You make me feel like a little bitty girl
What you do to me

It's probably one of the most alluring feelings about being involved in an interaction in this way - the butterflies in your stomach, that chemistry where sparks fly and you think that you might self combust if you indulge in those feelings.  You could peg it down to being warmer weather and especially warm and sunny days being a perfect breeding ground for potential relationships and complications to arise.  Does the fact that it seems warm and sweet mean that it has you enveloped in "new feels" that you didn't anticipate on being subjected to or receiving?

I guess I'll see you next lifetime
No hard feelings
I guess I'll see you next lifetime
I'm gonna be there

I think it's completely healthy to recognise attraction to other people and identify when sparks fly, so that you know how to manage it.  I think what people struggle with is that, just because these things are there - it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to act on it.  Sure, some people will, but it is all totally dependent on how you can do some risk management on your part to assess the situation and then act accordingly on your part.  Intention, thinking the thoughts and then acting on them, leads to the manifestation of those intentions.

Your energy
Feels so damn good to me
It picks me up don't wanna come down
You got me spinning me all round
I need to know
I've got somebody
You're beautiful
But still it ain't that type of party

So it begs the question - what type of party would you be interested in?
I have always been a strong advocate for cultivating and fostering your own happiness and not relying on someone else to give you happiness.  When we start relying on others to make us happy, it means that we are fundamentally ignoring our own power to be able to manifest happiness for ourselves.  Sometimes I think we need to be mindful about the ability for people to hurt us as much as we expect them to give us happiness too - we can't only accept the good that people bring, but the bad as well - it's all part of the learning that we must have with each other in our human interactions, in our bonding and getting to know each other.

I guess I'll see you next lifetime
You know I want to stay around
I guess I'll see you next lifetime
I'm so confused now. . . 

I can already see what we would be doing and what kind of life it would be.  
I guess it wouldn't hurt to still stay connected and just enjoy what it is, for what it is.
I hope that I see you next lifetime, in fact I know I will.
It may seem confusing for now, but it will all be clearer next lifetime. . .