Saturday, 5 December 2015

Never be the same. . .

It was good for me
It was good for you
Now nothing either of us can say or do
Can change the way you feel tonight
Sometimes love just slips out of sight

Have you reached an impasse in a relationship?  That's when you know that nothing can possibly move because neither of you are willing to bend, nobody is willing to change or adjust the way they feel to bend towards someone else's dominance in the given situation.  Are you able to predict when these things will happen to minimise the hurt that you will feel?  I guess you can't really do that, I mean you could try to slow its progress but you can't stop an object that is hurtling towards its natural destination - where things are meant to end up as they say in the natural order of things.

Just one thing before you go
Just one thing you've got to know
No one will ever touch me that way
The way that you did that very first day

It takes a special kind of bravery to admit to someone how you feel about them in an almost last ditch effort to try to encourage them to admit to their feelings too.  That's the thing about feelings though - we can't force other people to feel what we feel, they have to want to feel it for themselves, they have to want to feel things for you and they have to want to feel that there is an "us" with you.  Are you brave enough to let someone how much they mean to you, even when you know that things will not only never be the same again, but that you are probably going to reveal to them how your life has irrevocably changed because they will no longer be in it - the demise of a connection in the natural order of things remember?

And I'll
Never be the same without you here
I'll live alone
Hide myself my tears
No I'll 
Never be the same without your love
And try so hard to rise above

It's important for everyone to experience some severe and serious heartbreak at least once in their life.  That sounds like a pretty mean thing to say, but I honestly think it's good for the soul and it helps you to understand pain in this way so that you don't inflict it on someone else - but who's to say what roles we play in our lives right?  Are you the heartbreaker or the heartbroken?  I feel it's important to "break in" your heart and push it, pull it, throw it around, don't worry where it lands, so that you can test its resilience.  We only have one heart and I say love whoever you want, scream it from the rooftops, hide it under your bed and only whisper it to yourself in secret - do whatever the hell you want.

The years go by
There's always someone new
To try and help me forget about you
Time and again it does me no good
Love never feels the way that it should

How is love supposed to feel?  Love isn't all rose-coloured glasses.  It can be bottle-top glasses that distort your vision and cause you to be ridiculed by others who lay eyes on you.  Love isn't all springtime and daisies. It can be long cold winters that resemble the cold shoulder and inconsistent mixed messages from the person you love who doesn't love you, because long cold winters can be as equally unforgiving and leave you just as frozen, with a heck of a long time to have yourself return to room temperature.

I loved you then, I guess I'll love you forever
And even though I know we could never stay together
I think about how it could've been
If we could just start all over again. . . .

I hope that you know that even when you do indulge in your past memories of what you thought was a love to last the ages, that you must remember to pull away from the mirage, from that oasis in your mind that you think quenches your thirst from what you think you need.

I hope that you can start all over again, but this time with yourself as the focus.
You don't need to be the same for anything, for anyone - because we change everyday but even if you will love him/her forever, don't let hold up what you actually need to focus on to fulfil your destiny.  It may have been good for him and yourself at one point in time, but you need to know what's good for you all the time.  So no regrets ok.  Own it, accept it and lock it away.  You still have to try so hard to rise above. .  .