Sunday, 20 December 2015

My kind of girl. . .

I don't know whether it's because it's nearing the end of the year and you naturally reflect on the year that was, or it's because the insomnia is kicking in again and I can't go to sleep until I've emptied my mind of these latest musings.  If you've followed my blog posts over the past few months - there is an increasing number about relationships, love, friendships and just human interactions and connections.

When I was younger, I never went too far
Held my feelings and never even wanted to start
So when I met you, I didn't know
What you were gonna do with my heart

I didn't really know what to do with people's hearts, so I didn't really think about it, particularly with the hearts of those who gave them to me.  It seems like a huge responsibility doesn't it, to be entrusted with someone's heart and to think very carefully about how you can look after it, that is, if you accept the heart of course.  I guess a sure fire way of knowing what to do with someone's heart is to kind of get to know your own heart first of course, before you can think about how you can handle someone else's.  Sounds simple doesn't it, but extremely hard to do without the necessary skills and gentle dexterity required.

When you talk (I cling on every word you say)
When you move (just like a breeze on a summer day)
When you smile (the sky turns from grey to blue, that's what you do)

You don't notice that people cling on every word you say until they recall everything that you say, for the pure fact that every single utterance escaped your lips - and besides, this is usually a sign that someone is really into you too, when they can remember what you've said (and it's usually bad form on your part if you can't remember what they remember, or you can't recall what they've said in reciprocity).  Wouldn't it be great to have the power to change the sky in that way instantly with a smile?  You would control the clouds and push them aside so that sun can reveal clear blue skies.

And you're the kind of girl I think of
You're the kind of girl I dream about
My heart is telling me that I need you in my world (in my world)
'Cause you my kind of lady (you're my kind of girl)

How do you know that you're the kind of girl he thinks of?  Does he tell you?  It's interesting to me when these lines drop in a conversation - when people talk about the pieces of you that they like and admire, that they want and need in their world because they can't imagine their world without those pieces of you in it.  I wonder how they know that their heart is telling them that when I don't even know what my heart says about it all.  Doesn't my heart get a say in this?  Probably not, but that's ok I guess.  Sometimes hearts aren't meant to speak, just feel its way through a situation and let it recognise where its place when it comes into contact with other hearts.

When I'm not with you wherever you are
Baby I'm counting down the moments 'til I'm back in your arms
All I want is to have you here with me
Every night and every day

Does your heart leap in anticipation or skip a beat when he says he's looking forward to seeing you or spending time with you?  Depending on how you see things, you could be forgiven for thinking that someone is being really needy with your time, or you can be content to feel needed by someone because holding you makes them feel that their days or nights are complete.

Baby girl I need you here by my side 
And if you're there everything will be alright
'Cause this is the time for us baby, baby be mine. . . 

If you're in a relationship, I hope that he tells you that he needs you by his side, that he can't do life on his own because he needs you in his world to complete it.  If you're not really in a relationship but getting to know someone, I hope that you let the other person know how you are defining how things will proceed.  If you're not in a relationship, I hope that you are happy being with yourself and make sure that you are sufficiently and adequately providing yourself with much needed relaxation and reflection on being your own girl, before you become someone else's kind of girl. . .