Monday, 7 December 2015

Goddess. . .

Conversation series:  Conversation with a friend who is going through some heart trauma. . . 

It amazes how much you continue to stay with him.
You have loved him since as long as I can remember, always held it down for him.
I admired this about you and think how he is very lucky that you are a such a loving wife to him.
When you came to me and told me what was happening, it was heartbreaking to hear.
It made me angry on your behalf.  Why should a woman put up with this?  Why should my friend suffer like this?

She gave it all, you gave her shit
She coulda done, just anything
Or anyone, cause she's a goddess
You never got this

Why doesn't he see how amazing you are?  You do everything for him, find new ways to tempt his tastebuds, take him out to see his favourite shows when his favourite artists and bands are in town.  I see all the amazing things that you do and the amazing woman that you are and I wonder why you choose to stay with him.  I know you have a child together and you've always talked about how important it is for you to have a tight family unit for your child, because you want to be better parents than what you had.  I just can't understand why he never got this.

To put her down, you liked her hopeless
To walk around, feeling unnoticed
You shoulda crowned her, cause she's a goddess
You never got this

Even when other men try to pay you attention, you never return it, because you're faithful to your man.  You scuttle around doing all that's worth doing to keep him entertained, keep him happy yet he doesn't make you happy.  Why doesn't he crown you?  Doesn't he know what a queen looks like when he sees one?  The other women that he is probably seeing will never come close to you, will never hold a candle close to the light that you bring into his world.

Finally surfaced above the doubts
Feeling above this, she came around
Cause she's a goddess, finally saw this

I couldn't say anything to her until she realised for herself.  Did you think things would be like this forever?  When she came to understand her true potential and inner strength and not worry about you and your desires anymore, that's when she realised she was a goddess.  But you knew all along didn't you? That's why you tried to trap her and make her feel less than she was, so she would only be a goddess for you, and not for herself.  That was a pretty smart manoeuvre on your part, but she's smarter, she always has been.

And now you're back, trying to claim her
Cause she's gone and now without her
You're all alone, she's a goddess
You shoulda saw this

I wish I could say that I'm sorry things have ended this way, but it was mean to end this way.  It was meant to end.  The things with goddesses is that they don't belong with mere mortals and that's what you are - a mere mortal.  Goddesses need to be amongst their own kind, to be with gods who know how to celebrate their divinity and understand their true function in this world - to be the goddess who complements her mate.

Now you gotta deal with this glitch on your shoulder
F***ing with a goddess and you get a little colder
Yeah it's colder, colder
F***ing with a goddess, and you get a little colder

I hope that you start to feel what the cold is like, I mean it should be quite a stark contrast from the heat that you had with her - she did that you know, with her goddess ways of bringing warmth into the hearth of a home - something you never realised until she left.

I hope that she never comes back to you, because coming back to you is like going back in time, going backwards, and she has so much going for her that the forward momentum and forward direction in her life is so strong that she should be physically incapable of coming back to you - I mean, what could you possibly give her that is more valuable than the self esteem that she is giving to herself right now?  Without you?  Better start dealing with this glitch on your shoulder. . .