Wednesday, 2 December 2015

F**k em only we know. . .

Have you had secret connections with people that nobody else understands?  You will most likely go through life feeling these secret connections with people because they might feel that they are lacking this kind of connection in their own "real" lives so they create a bubble with you, the safe and secret space in which to practice and hone their skills and human attributes that they want to be known for, before it can be debuted in the public eye without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.  I don't know if you've come across this, but I have definitely been involved in what feels like several lifetimes of these iterative cycles, with each cycle more intense than the last - but definitely worth learning about myself in the process which is great.  No matter how educated you think you are - if you don't think that you still have something to learn, you're not as educated as you think.

I don't mind
Don't mind if everybody's far behind
Don't care if they can't understand the way
That you and I just want to be next to each other every day
You and I
We're just like magnets baby, hypnotised
Even addicted to your grumpy face
I know exactly how many kisses fit between your eyes

I've talked before in previous blog posts about connections and conversations and relationships.  All of these things bleed into each other - mill around each other - are either subsumed or superseded by another and there is no wrong way about how these things interplay with each other either - the freedom to explore how connections, conversations and relationships play out - are totally within our control, whatever you agree for those things to be.  I hate labels, but sometimes it helps at least to understand what the boundaries are - rather than applying labels.  I see applying the wrong labels being like applying the wrong band aids to heal a cut that gets infected - doesn't quite fit and with the possibility of infection it requires even more dedication and focus to it than it has to - thus not giving things its natural space to breathe and have a life of its own.  Excuse the poor sound quality of the video clip - it is the only example of this song that is online, but you can check out Spotify or follow my playlist on Spotify to hear this track.

I'd run away, I'd run away with you, would you run with me
Our life could be a little bumpy, but I'll hold on
Just wanna tell you that I see you, baby, do you see me
Cause this is special, baby
Fuck em only we know

Who would you run away with?  Over the years I have marvelled at my friends who turned their lives upside down to be run away with who they loved at the time.  They are all still together with their paramours but it made think a lot about what people are willing to do for love - that they are willing to move heaven and earth to be together because that is the most important thing, that is their priority.  I can totally understand this, because even though some may see that it's ridiculous to move your life around for a person to fall in love with, I figure what's the point in getting all of the things lined and done right in your life - if you don't have that one person to share it with?

Did I say
You're all that matters to me anyway
I'd give up everything to see your face
So come on, let's pretend that no one else is watching while we play
By your side
That's where I have to be now, we won't hide
I breathe your kisses just to stay alive
I see exactly what you think
I can feel you with my eyes

Even though I thought that I had lost my chance to connect because my love has been gone for a few years now; he loved me enough to show me what real love is like and leave behind the lessons I needed to learn to know how to connect with people.  He taught me about the value of love through connections, conversations and relationships.  He taught me about being fiercely protective of that love and valuing myself and accepting this value when others see it in me.  For the most part in every connection, conversation and relationship I now have with people - I see exactly what they think because I know what to look for and I can feel them with my eyes because I listen to what they want me to hear but don't say.

Only we know
Only we know
Only we know. . . 

I hope that you will continue to foster those connections, conversations and relationships.
Those secret bubbles that you create are for your own purposes for what you want to do.
The rest of the world doesn't need to know what you do - they will find out soon enough, so as long as you and I know, as long as we know, f**k em only we know. . .