Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Walk and talk like angels. . .

You walk like the angels talk
Where are you from
You want to walk and talk like angels 
Tell me then some

Have you ever met someone who is like this?  They seem to embody angelic behaviours that you would have heard about in bible stories or even fictitious tales of angels, fairies and other mythical and mystical creatures that we can't see but kind of sense walk alongside us or watch over us.

With a room by the sea
And a voice in the sand
Telling me your truth
And telling me your view
In how you see the world
Spinning, spinning round
And what is love and what is death
The fears you have to put to rest
And so you walk
Like angels talk

Are you interested in listening to people's stories?  I think it's a skill that you learn to master over time, but only if you're truly willing to learn about others.  I think it's very easy to get caught up with people who are very self-centred and focus only on themselves and compete with others, walk around with a sense of entitlement or arrogance, even ignorance, about the world at large.  How do you see the world?  IT must be really hard to see the world through the eyes of angels - to try and see the good in humanity and the desire to help everyone - regardless of whether they would choose to cause your harm or not - because despite if someone was wanting to kill you based on any beliefs you held, but didn't know you as a person - is this how we see each other?  What is your truth?  What is your view?  I think we can be guilty of just telling our own stories and truths - but not taking the time to listen to others.

With a smile in the sun
And a face in the sand
Sitting on a swing
Unfolding bits of string
The face is innocence
But the words are something more
It's in the voice
It's in the sound
It's in the way the world is round
And so we walk
Like angels talk

I like the way the piano motif weaves with the bass motif in this verse.  I get a sense that if we listen hard enough we can hear angels talk to us all the time.  So does that mean if we listen hard enough, what they say might influence how we walk and the choices we make through their guidance?  Angels must talk to me all the time then because sometimes I think there are thoughts that I don't know where they appear from because they don't conform to the context that I'm in.  Being in tune with your surroundings I believe, means that you will be able to hear things more clearly, even the voices of angels.  I was told once that it's so hard to be good in the world, but very easy to be bad.  When I think about bits of string unfolding. I think about the Fates stretching out my string of life and holding it in their hands, holders of destiny and life if you are that way inclined.

You want to walk and talk like the angels talk
This I hear
You want to walk and talk like the angels
Tell me then dear
You see it's easy running angels down
And I can't help but shelter from the sound

Stay away from negative people who try to deter you from your path.  I think it's important that you listen to what's going on around you but use that as a basis to make judgement about yourself.  When we have strong intentions to do things - just do them.  I think as we age we should be striving for a sense of maturity about one's self that helps us to become the best of ourselves.  Do you spend time running angels down?  There are probably so many angels that walk amongst us that we're not aware how much we actually rely on them.  

It's that small girl
Down by the sea
Found the angel in me
The words are such 
I'll always recall
As they faded into day . . . 

I hope that however you choose to walk that we prepare our minds, hearts and ears to hear those angels talk.  I can pretty much pinpoint when I've heard angels talk and I've chosen to either walk in their direction or walk where they have guided me to go, because I trusted in something bigger than me, something of a higher purpose that made me think that if angels can see the angel within me, then I must be walking their talk right?  Our innocence and fragility of childhood cannot be recaptured, but we can remember how we were as children and think about taking the best of those days into our adulthood.  Who else will find the angel in you?