Monday, 30 November 2015

Thinking about tomorrow. . .

When you think about tomorrow what comes to mind?  Do you have negative or positive thoughts?  Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the things that you need to take care of that may not necessarily be of your own doing, but you might need to fix, or you can't seem to let go of the fact that other people should be helping you?  That you are able to share your load or burdens with others, but you just choose not to?  You don't want to be a burden to them too?  We either look forward to tomorrow or we dread what is to come.  I know what I would like to think (and more often than not I do think positively) but now and then something happens and you find yourself sitting in front of the negative side, because it is easier to wallow in self-pity and blame others.

When I think of all the stupid things I've done
Listen to my heart and know that I have come
Oh so very very far, and everyone makes mistakes
And I'm better on my own

You accept that you make mistakes just like everybody else, but I guess it's the size of the mistakes that sets us apart from our peers that is the true test - but that brings in notions of judgement that we try to avoid in our human interactions, when we constantly compare each other and wonder why things have been the way it has, why it continues to be and whether there will be any changes in our tomorrows - the tomorrow in your private bubbles of your worlds and in the shared tomorrow that we are all supposed to or ideally collectively contribute to - what does this all mean?  How are we able to make sense of all this and how do we know that it's supposed to start making sense?  Who decides that?  Who knows what sense it's supposed to be?

No more thoughts of you, no more talk of love
It's not that easy to forget the person that I was
Oh no, stand tall, on my feet, and try to feel alive
And think of all my worries, and push them all aside

You can quickly work yourself into a real state, trying to come to terms with the acceptance of your past and who you used to be; this could be because people are unwilling to let you forget what wrongdoings you did and continue to judge you on those actions or they actually don't know what your past life is about and are oblivious to it and would never begin to understand what burdens you carry.  Worry begets worry, just as continual thinking about negative situations, people and contexts cannot lead you to anything worth pursuing.  Are you able to easily push your worries aside?  How much experience do you have in being able to stand tall and feel alive when all you want to do is slink away somewhere and pretend that you didn't exist?

When it's cold outside, the summer nights have gone
And you've picked up your lonely life and the road is carrying on
There is nothing I can do to hurry back to you
Because my love it is no stranger, to finding someone new
Oh-oh. . . 

Thinking about tomorrow, you can choose to be resilient and work towards achieving your goals alongside people who truly care about you by forgetting other people who try to keep you clinging to them, or will rob you of your tomorrow.  Thinking about tomorrow, you can choose to decide how much brighter it will be, how each situation and interaction will pan out, what you will contribute to each situation and interaction so that they will have successful outcomes for all concerned.  Constantly trying new things and meeting new people are always going to be challenges that you shall face - whether these will be on your own or with someone new - is totally up to you.  Time to stop being so cynical I guess :-)