Saturday, 21 November 2015

There must be an angel (playing with my heart). . .

No one on earth could feel like this
I'm thrown and overthrown with bliss
There must be an angel
Playing with my heart

When you feel like you've been overthrown with bliss, it's a feeling that you can't put into words.  But what I can tell you is that when you feel bliss, it's a feeling that you definitely think must be out of this world.  Have you experienced moments like this in your life?  I can remember every single moment of bliss that I've had in my life, because they have been euphoric moments where I have achieved phenomenal happiness to a level where my face has hurt from constant smiling, where I've felt like my heart was about to burst because it was full of so much joy and elation that my mind couldn't cope with or explain.

I walk into an empty room
And suddenly my heart goes "boom"!
It's an orchestra of angels
And they're playing with my heart

Has this happened to you?  It hits me often when I find myself alone in a huge empty space, like when I'm in church before everyone else and I'm about to set up the piano before a rehearsal or before a service and I can hear music, or when I'm in an empty seminar room or lecture space before giving a presentation about Pasifika education or whatever I'm called upon to speak about - it's like I can anticipate how good the service or session will go because I can hear that orchestra of angels.  I must sound pretty weird right?

And when I think that I'm alone
It seems there's more of us at home
It's a multitude of angels
And they're playing with my heart

I guess everyone is different with the things or people that "speak" to them when they least expect it to happen.  I think you need to be open to the environment you're in and listen to how you are placed within that environment; the way in which you interact with that empty room before it starts to fill up with other people.  It's something that I'm always conscious of before I am joined again by humanity and the moment disappears.

I must be hallucinating
Watching angels celebrating
Could this be reactivating
All my senses dislocating?

I actually don't think it's your senses dislocating at all.  If anything, your senses are finally more in tune than you know and you are coming more in touch with your divine self, you know, that higher conscious level of yourself that is supposed to be able to guide you to where you need to be and acknowledging that your moral compass is in play.  What direction do you think those "hallucinations" are taking you?  What was being reactivated in you?

This must be a strange deception
By celestial intervention
Leavin' me the recollection
Of your heavenly connection. . . . 

Harmonica solo

The bridge shows everything in play at once with the layers of background vocals that includes the choir, Annie's harmony as well as the accompaniment.  The harmonica solo played by the legendary Stevie Wonder just adds another beautiful dimension to the song.  The music video shows a little angel pretending to play the harmonica and I wonder how much more epic the video would've been to have the master himself play his own harmonica solo. . .

Must be talking to an angel

Must be talking to an angel
Must be talking to an angel  x3

I hope that you keep your ears and heart open so that you keep talking to an angel.  I don't think there's anything more uplifting than feeling that bliss and knowing that in some cases in your life when you need celestial intervention, that it in fact happens.  Enjoy talking to angels, because those heavenly connections that you are feeling are definitely not feelings that are of this earth.  I imagine that this is what true happiness and true bliss feels like.  Why wouldn't you talk to an angel right?