Sunday, 15 November 2015

Teach your children. . .

You, who are on the road must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself because the past is just a goodbye

What code do you live by?  Everyone travels throughout their day, with a code that they live by and it makes me think about a code that you can live by.  Does the code allow you to be yourself or is it more to do with you having to carry out duty and obligation because it is what is expected of you?  It is hard to keep the past in the past and see it as something that you have bid goodbye, particularly when decisions in the past (poor decisions for that matter), currently haunt your present and you are expected to deal with all manner of ramifications, consequences and dilemmas associated with those poor decisions - which aren't even yours to own I might add. . .

Teach your children well, their father's hell did slowly go by
And feed them on their dreams, the one they fix, the one you'll know by

What have your parents taught you?  Has the hell that your father gone through come to repay you a visit too, created your own version of hell from your father?  Or has it slowly gone by already?  I think it's often hard for parents to feed their children on dreams when they have had little opportunity to dream for themselves, so how can they possibly know what it feels like to have dreams fulfilled or explored their own imaginations?  I think as parents start to get to know their own children and their own skills, gifts and talents rise to the surface, they will begin to encourage the pursuit of dreams and the pursuit of happiness.

Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry, 
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you

Sometimes parents don't know how much you go through to deliver them what they want and what they expect of you.  How many times have you put yourself out there, exposed your weaknesses (which aren't your own I might add) but are those of others who are associated to you but they become your weaknesses and your burdens because you're the strong one that people keep running to, you are Hope personified. Your parents will look at you and marvel and never question how you managed to create miracles, but they will believe that their prayers combined with their utter and complete faith in you has lead you to the desired outcomes when you were never really sure if the outcomes would be how you hoped them to be.

And you, of the tender years can't know the fears that your elders grew by
And so please help them with your youth, they seek the truth before they can die

I look at my parents and think about how much I would love to have conversations with their younger selves and find out what life was really like for them when they first migrated to this country.  To arrive in Aotearoa New Zealand with little to no English, no understanding of what it meant to live in a cold country (in comparison to the tropical climate of Samoa) and then be able to learn alongside them about the values they brought with them here; these are the treasures that I fostered and nurtured in my heart, these are the gifts and true treasures that I will hope to pass on to my extended families and others who would like to learn about what it means to be Samoan and what we value as a people.

Teach your parents well, their children's hell will slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams, the one they fix, the one they you'll know by

There will come points in your life when you will be sick of fixing things, when you are sick of fixing other people's broken dreams because they don't understand what else they need to do or don't take responsibility for their actions.  I mean, just because you're good at fixing stuff, it doesn't mean that you want to make a career out of it right?

Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, they would cry
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you. . . 

I hope that whatever troubles you face in your life that your parents know that you love them, that your children know that you love them.  I think it's perfectly normal to spend time looking at your loved ones and sighing, sometimes words are inadequate, so just a glance, raised eyebrow or a well-timed sigh will just be enough.  I'm starting to do that with my friends now anyway.  It's just enough :-)