Saturday, 14 November 2015

Stay in touch. . .

I've been keeping in touch with as many people as possible.  It can be a difficult task and quite challenging because you are seen as a source of comfort or relied upon in lots of different situations.  I've been reflecting on the recent events in Paris and I thought about 9/11 in New York as well.  I'm a conspiracy theorist at the worst of times, so I think about London and Milan - other fashion capitals of the world and how fashion could easily be seen as capitalism in its finest display, something the terrorists despise that reflect the West and the irony of the West associating Muslim states of dress with all terrorists, shows more than just gross understanding on both sides.  How did we start to lose touch?  How did the world become so fractured?  Can we ever get back on the path of staying in touch in meaningful ways?  Will we expect to see further terrorist attacks in London and Milan?

This is really something
People will be envious
But our roles aren't clear
So we mustn't rush
Still, we're burning brightly
Clinging like fire to fuel
I'm grinning like a fool
Stay in touch
We should stay in touch
Oh! Stay in touch
In touch

Even though it might seem like life is going so fast these days, because things are built to be better, faster and stronger (much like how we would like our humanity within ourselves and expectations of others I guess - to be better, faster and stronger too); but we must remember to go at our own pace.  Do you find yourself grinning like a fool more often?  I think in general, people can be too serious sometimes, they've stopped laughing at themselves and take offence too easily.  This is something that I'm working on within myself and I've found inner peace a lot more quickly than I have previously which is great - having the patience to listen extremely carefully to what someone is saying and seeing whether what they're saying actually matches their actions as well.

Part of this is permanent
Part of this is passing
So we must be loyal and wary
Not to give away too much
'Til we build a firm foundation
And empty out old habits
Old habits
Stay in touch
We should stay in touch
Oh! Stay in touch
In touch

Can you tell the difference between what is permanent and what is passing?  Are you able to discern between permanent and passing people in your life?  It can be hard to constrain yourself from giving away too much because it's just in your nature to help others and not worry too much about putting yourself out, it's just the way you're built.  What old habits do you hold onto that threatens to stop you progressing, that threaten to completely take over the progress you have made?  I smile when I think about using that phrase quite flippantly - "we should stay in touch".  I mean, how many of you actually do stay in touch, even after you've said that aloud to whoever you were talking to?

During times like these
The wise or influential
They can bear the imperfections
They can keep the honey
No doubt about it
No doubt that's essential
No doubt that's always been a tricky one for me

Being able to juggle the flawed with the sweet is a tricky thing to manage.  How do you take the good with the bad?  Are you quite skilled in doing that?  Do you count yourself as part of the wise and influential?  How many more times like these will we expect to have?  Will we be able to teach ourselves and model what we know to be essential to the rest of humanity about how we want to live?  What do the wise and influential make of it all?  I mean, you need to remember too that sometimes the wise and influential - aren't necessarily the same people - because not all wise people are influential and not all influential people are wise. . .

So, we should just surrender
Let fate and duty shape us
Let light hearts remake us
Let the worries hush
In the middle of this continent 
In the middle of our time on Earth
We receive one another
Stay in touch
We should stay in touch
Oh! Stay in touch
In touch

The greatest hope that I can have for humanity is to receive one another.
Fate and duty will shape us, but we can't let that define us wholly as people - particularly duty.
We are still people with ideas, imagination, creativity, passion and brilliance (whether we know it or not).  We can't afford to let the negative voices and negative people surface and pretend to be speaking for the majority who seek to quash any claims about what you do on a daily basis, because that's just how you live, that's just how you roll.  I bet you will find, once the dust settles, that the worries will  hush soon enough :-)