Monday, 30 November 2015

Share with you. . .

I'm a bit of a latecomer to the Nashville series but I've quickly learned to love this show.  I think it's more the music that speaks to me, particularly as the music sung by the cast members also helps to illustrate the drama that happens throughout the show.  It's the same process that drives Empire as well (but we'll talk about those songs from that show in future blog posts too).  This track is sung by Lennon and Maisey real life sisters who play Maddie and Daphne, daughters of Rayna James on Nashville.

I like the way I walk
I like to hear myself talk
I like the sound, of beating my own drum
One is so much better when it's two
I'd rather share with you

It can be hard to be confident in yourself.  You might need to dig deep within yourself to start thinking about how, despite your flaws, understanding that you're not perfect, but you are your own perfection and don't need to compare yourself to the world; in fact just be happy beating your own drum.  If you happen to connect with people who understand the rhythmic patterns you're beating on your drum, then those are the people that you should share your life with.

I like a girl's night out
I like to get lost inside a daydream
I like a game of solitaire
One can get so boring without two
I'd rather share with you

Who knows what the reasons are for being lost in a daydream.  The only thing you need to remember is that it's all about choices and what you decide with the options you create for yourself as well as the options that are available.  Being with someone else, to spend time with them means that you are able to halve any problems that arise, talk about things that need talking about to gain some clarity with ways forward.  People think that you only need to share about the good things in life, but they need to be tempered or balanced with the bad or sad or mad times too, otherwise you can't really be someone that would be the reason to be the two instead of the one.

I like being me
I like being free
One is so much better when it's two
I'd rather share with you
I'd rather share with you
I'd rather share with you. . . 

I hope that you can find people in your life who you are able to share with.
You don't necessarily need to be in a romantic or intimate relationship with them.
They can just be someone that you are happy to start learning how to share with, so that when you are ready for more intimate relationships - you're already familiar with what it means to share.  It's not about sharing with me, but sharing with you. . .