Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I'm coming out. . .

I can't think of a more appropriate song to mark the 500th music blog post of ManuScript.
I have always been a huge fan of Diana Ross having grown up listening to her music and more importantly her involvement with Motown Records and the introduction of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 to the world of popular music - as their songs have stood the test of time, covered by many and sampled by more than we care to count.

I'm coming out, I'm coming
I'm coming out, 
I'm coming out, 
I'm. . .  coming . . . out

I'm coming out, I want the world to know, got to let it show
I'm coming out, I want the world to know, got to let it show

It can be hard to get to a specific point in your life, that turning point or pivot point where you become one with yourself, where you begin to truly understand and have the realisation about your true authentic self.  I think there is a process involved in this respect, because it is only when you are "right" with yourself, that you are able to confidently and unequivocally show your true self to the world.  When I think of this as a concept, it connects and resonates strongly with what I think you would like to leave the world once you have gone.  I'm a big believer of legacy and how you can lead the legacy that you leave behind, making the world better than when you first entered it.          

There's a new me coming out, and I just had to live
And I wanna give, I'm completely positive
I think this time around, I'm gonna do it
Like you never knew it, ooh I'll make it through

Are you living your best life right now?  I have mastered the art of positivity.  It has taken me probably about 7 years to do so and I haven't regretted any decisions I have made in this regard, because it's all about refusing to see failure within yourself as an option - that level of determination can only come from a high self belief that is unshakeable and unwavering - we're talking about a level of resilience here that exists, because you have been knocked down so many times but still able to bounce back, even when people have thought that you should've been completely wiped out.

The time has come for me, to break out of this shell
I have to shout that I am coming out

The only way to break out of a shell is to not be put in one in the first place.
But we all know that this is not possible, because shells start to form around ourselves when we are subjected to or experience terrible things in our lives that are meant to make us stronger and make us better individuals that contribute to better communities.
I've got to show the world, all that I want to be 
And all my abilities, there's so much more to be
Somehow I have to make them just understand
I got it well in hand, and oh how I've planned
I'm spreadin' love, there is no need to fear
And I just feel so good, everytime I hear. . . 

When you are expected to deal with things, when you are given roles and responsibilities that are afforded to you because you have shown the aptitude and vision for making things happen - then don't shirk your destiny.  Why else do you think that you were given your gifts and talents?  We also need to remember that if we feel that we have yet to realise our gifts and talents, that we must trust that these will be revealed to us all in good time.  Just trust yourself to know that it will be revealed and you will understand.

I continue to hope for you as I continue to hope for myself.
There is nothing greater for the human spirit than maintaining the hope that you feel will benefit not only our nations but future generations that embody the values that truly reflect why it's important to emphatically state I'm coming out. . .