Thursday, 29 October 2015

You don't really know me. . .

This blog is dedicated to all the misunderstood people out there. . . you know who you are. . . 

There is probably nothing worse than being misunderstood.  When you become what seems to be that invincible and indispensable someone, that someone who is relied upon for so many things, in so many situations, that it can almost feel like you're some kind of superhero, but without the costume.  People start to question whether you're real or there are some clones of you that exist because it seems like nothing seems to bring you down, nothing stands in your way and nothing prevents you from being the best YOU there is.

The girl who always says yes, wants to scream no
Takes over everyone's stress, ignores her own
The life and soul of the party
But loves to stay home
She says she's not broken hearted, but cries on her own

It can be extremely draining being the life of the party.  People expect big things from you and classify you in the "cool crew" which I find hilarious because there's no such thing, just the perception that you're a cool person, but cool people already know, they're actually not trying to be cool - the reason that they're cool is that they are just being free, they are being themselves.  Does this mean that if everyone just acted like themselves, then that would make them cool too?  Yes, it's totally possible.  Cool people just are, but it's hard to get to know them because they don't waste time with other people who don't live the same philosophies, don't follow the same thought processes and don't do things in a way that is as easy as breathing - it's effortless.  Why should you have to try to be someone you're not?

Playing pretend, I shouldn't hide it
It isn't right, being a liar
I'm crossing the line, dancing with fire
When I'm not fine, should I deny it

The thing about playing with fire is that you do it knowing full well what the possible consequences will be.  Playing with fire means that there is a possibility of a spectrum of things happening - from something crazy and magical to something that's worst case scenario and the carnage you see in disaster movies.  When you cross the line - it could be that you're entering unchartered waters or dangerous territory, but it could also mean that you have crossed a finish line that nobody else sees, because you're so far ahead that nobody can see you.

Cause I'm going crazy, when I'm not okay
I keep praying that the cracks don't show my pain
Cause even when I'm falling, I say my life is like a dream
But I'm fighting through a nightmare 
Cause I'm not really being me
So you don't really know me

Do you find it really hard to conceal how you really feel?  Public perception of you is high, expectations are actually at an all-time high, but there are probably just as many people who are keen to see you fall, see you fail and see you do badly in life.  The thing that gets me is that life is not a competition in that sense, like you should be spending time being the best of yourself, you don't need to make others feel less, because you lack the ability to feel more.  That comes from inside doesn't it?  I'm pretty sure people don't wake up in the morning with the sole purpose of bullying anyone or trying to make other people's lives not worth living - what kind of job would pay people to do that?  If you're working in this kind of job - get the hell out.  Don't accept money to make people feel less than they actually are - that's disgusting.  There are enough challenges in the world without adding to it with man-made complexes and messing with people's minds.

The girl who starts all the jokes, just make her laugh
Preaches the do's and the don'ts, but loves to be bad
Smiles when they guess who she's loving, what they say makes her mad
She says, "I'm fine, I need nothing", but she hopes for your hand

So who makes the girl who starts the jokes laugh, when she's busy telling the jokes?  Who gets to listen to her be herself and just be reckless for once in her life?  I think life is too short to try and figure people out because you want to put a label on them, but that being said, that's a really really hard thing not to do - because we manufacture labels all the time, we watch labels build and gain notoriety so much that they become brands and become instantly recognisable that they become synonymous with individuals and companies that stand for things that we sometimes even forget - what the hell do they stand for?  I think even the companies forget that sometimes - why they got into the business of who they are.

You don't really know me no, no
You don't really know me
How can you know me?
You don't really know me
You don't really know me. . . 

I hope that whoever gets to really know you, knows that you are a hard onion to peel.
You are many layers and people need to take the time to unwrap your goodness, and ask you the right questions so that they are able to understand you, the real you, to understand your truth, in whatever shape or form that it comes in.  How can you know me. . .