Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Stop your fussin'. . .

This track is a song endorsement from +Anaru White 

It is very easy to be negative these days.  I mean, we're bombarded with negative images and stories of things happening around the world that are all consequences or events caused by decisions made that have little regard for human life and dignity.  Sometimes when you feel so far removed (geographically speaking) from the disasters that are occurring, you don't remotely connected to those situations because it's happening to 'other people' in 'other parts' of the world.  I often think - this is probably what other people in other parts of the world would think about me too, if I was to appear in the news about something - we feel less connected in an increasingly connected world - but are those connections real. meaningful and worthwhile?  

Why you look so sad when the sky is perfect blue
And you're getting everything you ever wanted to
Let's not talk about the bad times
We've seen through that before
It's not right for making love anymore

When things start looking up for you, when you are experiencing success or there's nothing really negative that is impacting you, there is of course a natural tendency for self-doubt to creep in to upset your apple cart of bliss.  As much as there are bad times that happen, they needn't be the focus of your life and threaten to overtake everything else that is going right for you.

So stop your fussin' boy
Please stop your fussin' boy
Your time will come
Yes, your time will come

I guess we need to just stop fussin' about things that need not concern us.
Like how broadcaster Marian Finucane wanted to start a campaign to stop the haka being performed because it's intimidating.  This made me laugh. shake my head and think, have you ever bothered to learn about the history of the haka Marian?  Did you even stop to think about how ignorant you sound because your opinion is based on your own sensibilities of your own worldview that doesn't include cultural perspectives that aren't part of your worldview?

Can you lay me down in meadows soft and green?
And can you lay me down and talk to me of things?
Like stars that burn into the night 
And moons that turn with purple lines
That's what I want

Talking things over with people is important.  I'm not talking about the venting here, I'm talking about the ability to be able to bounce ideas off people, to have as reliable and trusted springboards so that they can help to guide you and support you on your journey, whatever it may be and wherever it may lead.  Casting aside the romantic undertone of this verse, I think it's still important to be extremely clear in your communication, to be clear about what you want.

Can someone tell me why it is?
How we could spend so many lonely years?
There's a light at the end of life, it's enough
It's enough, it's enough, it's enough to try

There must be something that comes from within yourself to make you try.  I think they call it intrinsic motivation.  What are the factors that lie deep within yourself that make you want to try, that motivate you to be the best version of yourself?  It should stem from how you see yourself, how you want the best for yourself, how you prioritise yourself in your life, to help live the kind of life that you are personally proud of leading.  What does that look like?  How would you know that it has been enough to try?

We can see the light (We can see it in our lifetime)
We can feel the warmth (We can see it in our lifetime)
We can see it shine (We can see it in our lifetime)
We can see it in our lifetime

I hope that you can see that others will be looking to you to achieve great gains now, to see the fruition of your work in our lifetime.  Are you prepared for that?  Will you be able to stop your fussin' about other less important, trivial and frivolous rubbish and petty drama that isn't worth a minute of your time?  I hope that I get to see it in this lifetime, in my lifetime, in our lifetime.  I can't think of a better way to see the light, feel the warmth and see that light shine - than from coming out of you and your work :-)