Sunday, 18 October 2015

Just like water . . .

From her MTV Unplugged album, this live performance of Water (just like water) exemplifies for me what a true artist does - feeling her music and performing it in such an intimate setting, getting lost in her own performance.  I was so looking forward to seeing her perform at Soulfest15 this year.
Moving down the streams of my lifetime
Pulls the fascination in my sleeve
Cooling off the fire of my longing
Boiling off my cold within his heat
Melting down the walls of inhibition
Evaporating all of my fears
Baptizing me into complete submission
Dissolving my condition with his tears

Count the many ways in which you act like water for me.  Just like water you can cool me down or you can melt me.  It's funny because you can be exactly what I need when I don't even know what I need.  How do you do that?  Even when it's the water from within you or around you; it seems to heal me when I least expect anybody to heal me.  I can see and feel the different ways in which you heal me and you probably don't even know that you're doing it.

He's just like water
I ain't felt this way in years
He's just like the water
I ain't felt this way in years

Why haven't I felt this way in years?  Probably because I don't think you can plan how to feel.  That's the thing with feelings; you start to feel them before you can recognise or label or define what feelings mean.  Sometimes you don't even need to understand what feelings mean anyway - that's half of the problem.  You spend too much time over analysing your feelings and you don't just feel them.  Thinking about how water acts in this way - fluid, malleable, being submerged in it, pulling yourself out of it - that's how you should be with feelings.  You can come in and out of them as you please.

Coursing through my senses, he's prevailing
Floating through the space of my design
Drowning me to find my inside sailing
Drinking in the mainstream of his mind
Filling up the cup of my emotions
Spilling over into all I do
If only I could get lost in his ocean
Surviving on the thought of loving you

When water connects with you, what happens?  It can saturate your skin, seep into it or float on the surface of your skin.  It completely saturates your hair and you have to let it dry.  Water makes my hair curly so you know already that when water makes contact it can interact with you and cause change, it can cause an effect.  Water can cleanse and wash away things that you want to clear from your mind, your body, your spirit.  Thinking about losing yourself in several bodies of water, from a river to a lake to a stream to an ocean, standing in or under a waterfall - how does it feel?

Bathing in the fountain of his essence
He causes my expression to remain
Humbled on a mountain by his presence
Washing my intentions with his name
Sealing off the floodgates of his passions
Saving all his liquid for his own
Moisturizing me to satisfaction
In my imagination? No no!
He's pouring out his soul to me for hours and hours
Drawing out his nature with his hands
Yearning I'm so thirsty for his power
Burning to be worthy of his land

You must be prepared for someone whose flow is like a deluge, that flow when they connect with you and just let the words and feelings tumble out, spill over and spread out towards you until all you can do is lose yourself in it.  I think when you feel something like that, when you become washed up on someone's shore after they've overcome you with their monsoon that accompanies the heavy rains that they unwittingly pour onto you; it is only then that you realise that you have become worthy of his land, worthy of being able to explore what he has offered to share with you.

Cleaning me
He's purging me
And moving me around
He's bathing me
And he's claiming me
And moving me around
Around and around and around
And around

I hope that you can close your eyes and submerge yourself as long as physically possible, to see for yourself what type of water you are in, to understand the power of the water and how deep the water is that you are in; the continuous flow that will spin you around and around and around.  Never be afraid of pouring your water on people that you trust to be able to hold your water.  Never be afraid to hold the water that people have entrusted you to be near.

Watching me, claiming me
Moving me around
He's purging me
He's been cleaning me
And moving me around
And around
And around

And moving me around. . .