Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Helplessly hoping. . .

Helplessly her harlequin hovers nearby
Awaiting a word
Gasping at glimpses of gentle true spirit he runs
Wishing he could fly
Only to trip at the sound of goodbye

There might be several harlequins in your life that hover nearby waiting for a word from you.  That gentle spirit that lies within you may not be easily seen in the outside world, but those people who get a chance to see it, will marvel at how beautiful it is.  Do you think it is at the sight of your gentle spirit that prompts people to want to take flight and gives them wind beneath their own wings to fly and soar?  I often wonder about how much impact you can have on people.  Even harlequins have dreams and aspirations to be more than who they are labelled as so why not?  Behind those painted smiles lies more whimsical and wistful expressions that are never allowed to surface.

Wordlessly watching he waits by the window and wonders
At the empty place inside
Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams he worries
Did he hear a good-bye?
Or even hello?

If you are her harlequin, do you think that you are able to take away the bad dreams that she has?  You've come to care for her and you recognise the emptiness inside but you don't quite know where you stand.  That's ok.  It's totally normal for you to feel this way, to worry, to wonder, to not know for sure what you're hearing - if she has said anything that makes any sense at all.  Just a single word but each one denotes a different course of action, goodbye meaning it's time to go and hello meaning you can stay.

Standing by the stairway you'll see something certain to tell you
Confusion has its cost 
Love isn't lying, it's loose in a lady who lingers
Saying she is lost
And choking on hello

Maybe she isn't ready to ask you to stay because even though hello is only a single word, it's still quite a difficult word to say because of the implications of what it's asking - for you to stay.  Do you watch people closely enough to see what they are really trying to say?  It might seem simple enough for people to say what they mean and mean what they say, but more often than not, they won't say it (whatever it is) because it's not their place to say, they don't know how to explain what they think they are trying to say, or they are worried about what will happen after they say it.

They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other. . . 

Maybe she and the harlequin are in fact the one and the same person, or it could be that they really are two people, or she's looking into a mirror or looking at a photograph or looking at something else that isn't part of her actual surroundings.  Are we looking at memories here or scenes that are so unfamiliar to us that we can't actually decipher let alone comprehend what we are facing?  Do we need to even make sense of it all?  I would just be happy helplessly hoping, because isn't that what she and her harlequin are doing. . . because all I can see is he wairua mārie, he ngākau māhaki. . .