Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bailero. . .

This track is a song request from +Te Mihinga Komene 

I first became enchanted with Sarah Brightman when she sang opposite Michael Crawford in Phantom of the Opera.  She eventually became involved romantically with the musical genius behind the music Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and also enjoyed success in London shows.  I had also seen her in a few music videos with Sir Cliff Richard, let's be honest - it was just one.  I watched it and was quite disturbed by it.  They sang All I ask of you and with poor background displays of the beach (technology back then aye) that were meant to distract you from the cheesy staged performance but I still totally loved the singing.  I have total respect for their beautiful singing - it was the acting that killed it for me and the unnecessary kissing during the instrumental interludes.  Seriously, you must watch it, if you haven't already searched on YouTube and watched it by the time you finished reading this paragraph! But I digress. . . 

Pastre de delai l'aio                        Shepherd across the river
As gaire de buon tems?                  You're hardly having a good time?
Dio lou bailero lero                        Sing bailero lero
Lero lero lero lero bailero lo

For some reason I think about Charon ferrying people across the River Styx because of the haunting melody of this piece.  I can imagine this being featured on many movie soundtracks to be used in montages that can express certain scenes that would depict longing or some kind of yearning, scenes without dialogue, scenes that wouldn't require dialogue, just this track playing in the background,  You could even feature this song that plays quite prominently in a scene or incorporate it into the storyline of the movie where one of the main characters plays it.  I think of Philadelphia and the La Mamma Morta scene with Maria Callas singing while Tom Hanks describes what is happening.  The emotion in that scene alone is heightened by the power of the music.

Pastre lou prat fai flour                     Shepherd, the meadows are in bloom
Li cal gorda toun troupel                   You should watch your flock on this side
Dio lou bailero lero                            Sing bailero lero
Lero lero lero lero bailero lo

Will the Shepherd watch you and the rest of the flock as well?  Why won't he look to where the meadows are in bloom?  Is it because things are so well looked after that the Shepherd doesn't need to be involved?  Why do you think you need to be watched or monitored?  Are there some amongst the flock that you need protecting form?  I sound like the series of questions at the end of each original Batman TV series episode starring Adam West (minus the onomatopoeic sound effects through the fight scenes with the horn section blaring to emphasise each blow). 

Pastre couci forai                               Shepherd, the water divides us
En obal io lou bel riou!                      And I can't cross it
Dio lou bailero lero                            Sing bailero lero
Lero lero lero lero bailero lo

I hope that one day when you go to be reunited with the Shepherd or whoever you need to be connected with, that you will be able to cross the water with ease, that there will no longer be any barriers that block you.  I hope that even when you come across situations where you are constantly being blocked from reaching your goal or a destination that you have longed to travel towards, that you are brave enough to explore ways to get to where you need to go.