Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ain't been done. . .

This track is a song request from +Shannon Vulu 

Can't beat me I'm a show sharp winner
One of a kind, I'm original
I'm so ill, gonna need a painkiller
Stealing the show like a criminal

I guess there's nothing more threatening than a kick ass woman who knows what she wants and not afraid to be a pioneer (I'm talking about Ms Jessie J here not me ha!).  I can imagine it must be a thrilling experience to completely wow a crowd or stupendously impress an audience with some feat that defeats all contenders who dare to share your stage.  I really love this song because it's a huge celebration of who you are and the inner power that you shouldn't be afraid to possess and show the world.

Don't fight, follow the leader
Give a little and you might get some
This one's for the non-believers
All together now everyone go!

The best thing about dealing with non-believers is to not surround yourself with people who don't believe in you or your cause, your passion and mission.  These types of people are not worth your time and detract from what you are heading towards.  Maybe if these non-believers were willing to show some belief, maybe even give a little, then maybe they would get some reciprocity from you.

I'm a do it like I ain't been done
On top only just begun
Better believe I'll your number one
I'm a do it like it ain't been done
And I hope you're holding on
'Cause I'm going going gone
I'm a do it like it ain't been done
I'm a do it like it ain't been done

In conversations with teachers and friends, there has been a common thread about indecision, not believing in themselves.  It is easy to doubt yourself and think that you aren't good enough to do or be anything, particularly if you have heard this type of talk from people who are supposed to care about you and are supposed to support your dreams, just support you and what you value.

I'm a do it like it ain't been done
I'm a do it like it ain't been done

It saddens me because I see potential in everybody and nothing satisfies me more than seeing people realise that they can do something that is completely their own, when they discover their point of difference and find that real joy in celebrating who they are.

Both hands tied and I get gold medals
Still alive and I'm going hard
Make my mark and I'm breaking all records
You know me, I'm a superstar

It makes me happy to know when that realisation happens because every time I go through that process myself, in very many different situations, the same rush, the same feelings of elation and incredulity never cease to surprise and prompt the instant gratitude that lets me know that I'm onto a good thing, that I'm doing what drives me, that I'm exactly where I am meant to be :-)

I'm a do it like it ain't been done
I'm a do it like it ain't been done. . . 

Just because it hasn't been done before, doesn't mean it's wrong.
So take courage, believe in yourself and keep the faith, because if you think you're completely done, your very best is yet to come. . .