Saturday, 12 September 2015

Too beautiful for words. . .

This blog post is dedicated to all the "Celies" I know who are too beautiful for words :-)

I remember falling in love with The Color Purple as a child, reading it over and over.  When it was made into a film, I would try to watch it as often as I could.  I was transfixed by reading about Celie try to understand her self-worth and I think Alice Walker captured the challenges of the period in such a captivating way.  I hadn't realised that there was a Broadway musical also made of the novel, but when I heard this song, I knew it would be added to my collection of songs that would constantly be on repeat.  

I've always been the kind of gal
That had a lot to say
I says the things that's on my mind
Too dumb to shy away
But you hush my mouth and still me
With a song I've never heard
I guess that means that you are just
Too beautiful for words

We always have a loud confident friend that we wished we could be more like, that we would hope that their bolshiness and pluckiness would rub off in some way when we needed it the most.  I truly believe in that balance and the complementary nature that women can provide for each other - we can balance each other with our contrasting qualities.  We only realise this when we find ourselves gravitating towards people who complete us in ways that we either know or don't know is missing from our own personalities.

I've seen this life from high and low
And all that's in between
I've danced with dukes, crooned with counts
Been courted like a queen
But when I see what's in your heart
All the rest is blurred
The grace you bring into this world's
Too beautiful for words

Think about all of the people that you will meet in your life.  There will be various dukes and counts.  You will be easily swayed and charmed by people that you think will be in your life for a lifetime, but you know that will never be the case.  You probably even recognise that niggling thought at the time but choose not to entertain it - I mean who would?  You want to enjoy the ride as long as you can before you get booted off.  But the thing that fascinates me that most - is when you come across someone, a certain person that you least expect - to show you just how much life is better, how much more beauty they bring into the world by being that quiet unassuming self.  It's normally the quiet person who thinks the least about themselves - but you can see all of the wonder and splendour, you can see all of the colours that make them stand out in a crowd, even when they think that they would assume they are part of that faceless and nameless mass.  

You hide your head under your wing
Just like a little bird
Oh don't you know you're beautiful
Too beautiful for words

If you ever doubt your own self-worth, if you are important to those around you - just remember that you are.  I smile when I think about how my blog is full of words and lyrics - particularly on this homepage, yet this song talks about being too beautiful for words.  It reminds me then that sometimes just looking upon the faces of those who inspire youl to acknowledge the beauty that they bring into our lives.

I know some people think that I provide that for them; that I am able to share what is in my heart, to provide calm and stillness that they need in order to reflect about their destiny.

I know there are some people that provide that for me; that I am able to think about what my purpose is, my ManuMission (search for this blog post if you haven't read it already and you'll understand what I'm talking about).  I think about all of the "Celies" in my life - male, female and transgender.  I am grateful for all of you :-)

Oh Celie, you're too beautiful for words. . .