Saturday, 19 September 2015

Only to be. . .

This blog post is dedicated to you, if only to be; to only be you :-)

It can be really easy to doubt yourself, particularly when people around you expect you to do something that just doesn't sit right with you, but often you fall outside the paths of the tried and true, the safe bets, what we are taught to become and aspire to be, according to society's norms.  I guess it's having the courage to follow the path less travelled, and immediately Robert Frost springs to mind with his The Road Not Taken, a poem that I often come back to now and then when I find myself at a crossroads in life.

Only to be, I live in expectancy
No wonder it feels like this wasn't meant for me
Though my mind is so confined
That there ain't no point in reasoning
Now that it's clear to see
It was all in front of me
And I'm right where I'm supposed to be

You may often think that things can be overwhelming, you're unsure of what to think and learn in any given situation but sometimes I think you just don't need to analyse it so much in that way.  Instead, rather than confining your mind in this way, you should actually embrace the chaos and marvel at what it does to you.  I guess it has something to do with how you approach what life has to throw at you.  I think you don't have to necessarily stop what you're doing, but definitely a significant pause might be something to consider.  You can spend so much time looking too far ahead, but fail to see what lies in front of your very eyes.  Trust that you are in the place that needs you not to stop at, but definitely to pause and drink in your surroundings, get a sense of what is all around you.

Yeah yea, I'll live just turning pages
Yeah well I know that it's worth the ride
Ain't it good to be alive?

I think one day when we're old and grey, you'll be able to look back fondly on your photo album and turn the pages of your life, reflecting on the kind of life that you lead.  I definitely wouldn't want to wait till someone assembled some kind of slideshow presentation that showed your life's achievements and what you valued over the years, but having the sense to know when to be grateful about things that you would normally take for granted and just enjoy the ride - especially if you feel like your life is taking you on a train to nowhere, don't miss the sights that you can see out your window as the train eventually winds it way to your destination.

So what will it be?
My dreams are my company
To lose what is me
I follow the path I see
My mind is so confined
That I don't even know where to begin
But it took me so long to find
That I can leave it all behind
Cause I don't got everything I'd ever need

For some people, their dreams are their only company.  Their dreams are the only link to their destiny, what they not only hope to achieve but also tangible evidence of the success that they always felt within their bones that other people couldn't see.  Sometimes you don't need to have everything that you need, especially right now, because it will come to you in due course; everything is on its way to where it needs to go at exactly when it is needed - just trust that process, have faith in that and keep on keeping on.  It's something that nobody can fix for you or help you through - you must see this in your mind's eye, believe it and be convinced that you will never lose what is you.

Cause only to be
Was all that you've got from me
You told me it's real
And nothing comes easily
Cause that was the truth, I was losing all my youth
To a world that's fit for someone else . . . 

I hope that you never doubt what it was real within you, that realness that emanates from a place of strength and wonder that only you hold.  I think we can very quickly forget about these types of moments in our lives so we must never forget how we can go about our days, how we spend our days, creating memories with people worth remembering, doing the things we love, striving for our passions and dreams that keep us company, particularly when we can think they keep us from what's important; when in actual the most important thing of all is only to be. . .