Friday, 25 September 2015

Never felt this way. . .

Sometimes we work so hard and address so much of the other things in life that demand our time and attention that we forget about other things and people in our life that make us feel good.  This blog post isn't about anybody in particular.  It's the feelings that I'm interested in exploring because they help to remind me about the times when I have felt these feelings and how much I cherished learning about how to feel this way and have someone feel this way about me.

There will never come a day
You will ever hear me say
That I want and need to be without you
I want to give my all
Baby just hold me
Simply control me
'Cuz your arms they keep away the lonelies

As much as women are strong and decisive in their everyday lives, particularly when they are making decisions that impact the lives of many people, there comes a time when they would just like to be weak and vulnerable with someone who they trust.  It's the type of control that you are willing to give over because you spend so much of your time controlling everything else (as much as you possibly can) in your own life.  This first verse encapsulates part of this sentiment from the singer's perspective.  Do you remember when someone whispered to you that you helped to keep them away from the lonelies too?  I bet you're either reminiscing about it in your own head right now or you're thinking that you have yet to hear that.  I have felt both at different times in my life, but I think the latter can fill you with a sense of hope about one day, someone will whisper that to you when you least expect it.

When I look into your eyes
Then I realise
That all I need is you in my life 
All I need is you in my life
'Cuz I've never felt this way about lovin'
Never felt so good
Never felt this way about lovin'
It feels so good

If you're a follower of my blog posts or you read them regularly enough, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of the piano, the touch that is required when you're expressing melodies, rhythms and harmonies that the piano can sing through the touch of fingers.  The way that Brian McKnight plays this particular track in my opinion is one of the sexiest songs I've heard played on the piano.  Something about the way he plays the motifs, the types of chords that he uses.  Alicia Keys has played an interlude version of this song on one of her albums and she has put her own spin on her arrangement.

How it takes my breath
starts a pounding in my chest
makes me weak when I think about you
Makes me wanna give my all
Life wouldn't mean a thing
Not a happy song to sing
Just emptiness if I had to live without you

It has always fascinated me how when you are near someone that you love that your body plays up physiologically; it reacts with heart palpitations that comes about when there is stress placed on your heart.  You would normally associate this with being unwell or something breaking down in your body that is affecting how your heart beats within your body - but we never think about how our emotions can affect us in the same way.  I don't know why that fascinates me, it just does.  I don't know if it's because I can't see or taste feelings as much as I can hear or touch them in some way.

'Cuz I've never felt this way about lovin'
Never felt so good
Never felt this way about lovin'
It feels so good. . . 

I hope that you get to experience this feeling sometime in your lifetime - where you have never felt this way about lovin' anybody who made you feel it was earthly possible to love this way; whatever this way looks like.

I hope that if you are already in a relationship where you are experiencing this feeling, that it makes you smile as much as it does for me.  It's important to see and feel love in your life and to see it around me through my friends and family, but even more so in strangers that I see on my travels, it's a pretty cool feeling to see.  It gives me hope that humans can love others so deeply :-)