Sunday, 2 August 2015

Mo' better blues. . .

Conversation series:  first conversation with one of my dearest and oldest friends. . . 

This song was released as the title track under the movie of the same name Mo' better blues.  I think the reason why I chose this particular song as the first conversation with you because it's the first song that I associate with you.

There isn't really anything in the movie that mirrors our lives, apart from our love of jazz music and our lifelong friendship (it's been over 20 years now? wow time flies).

One of the major themes of the movie highlights 'cause and effect', and I think our lives have been a bit like that, intertwined and shucks, who would've thought we would've stayed friends for so long?  I mean, you hated me at first.  

I have so many wonderful memories of our time at high school together.

Trumpet lessons together were of course a highlight.
I was a nerd in our first year of high school and I was pretty quiet, particularly in one-on-one situations with teachers, so when we had our trumpet lessons with Mr. Woodbridge, I paid attention and made sure that my embouchure was correct, my fingering was fluid and that I did the breathing exercises properly.

That one lesson when you couldn't stop laughing when our other friend blew her trumpet into Mr. Woodbridge's right ear, man, I had never seen him turn that particular shade of red before.  And that voice.  That loud booming voice telling you both to get out of his sight.  I just sat there shocked, immobile and quiet.

Playing in the school jazz band with you, was never dull.  You hated other people playing my music and would take the band folder off the stand if someone tried to play it.  Loyalty is one of your biggest assets.  It's probably why we've been friends so long.

But our music memories weren't just restricted to trumpet playing either.
We sang together in the school choir.
I think the best story was when we sang the female arrangement of Ave Verum by Mozart and for some reason my voice broke and some other note came out.  The look on our choral conductor's face was priceless.  I only knew you were laughing as I stood behind you because I could see you shoulders shaking, moving up and down from the incident.  I was surprised at the self-discipline of the rest of the choir - what professionalism. they just kept it together and kept singing.

Singing with our very own vocal group was funny too.
We kept the friend who couldn't hold a note (weakness of friends, keep the useless singer because you don't want to ruin the friendship haha).  But I should've guessed that the dissonance from her was a sign of things to come.

Thanks for being a part of those early music making memories with me.
I know there are many more to come.
It won't be mo' better blues, it will just be mo' better :-)