Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Haumanu. . .

Conversation series: 1st conversation with a beautiful friend. . . 

I chose this song for you because I think it conveys the beauty that I see in you.  People will comment on your physical beauty (how can they not, you are stunning) but I see beyond that to your heart and how the kindness and generosity of spirit that lives in your heart, permeates through your skin to give you even more of a glow, making you even more beautiful.  

Taku tūātea ka whati i te āheu  The crest of my wave broken by the southerly winds of no bounds
Papaki tū ana ngā tai ki te Onetapu Crashing on the sacred sands of the future
O Motunamata
I hea au Consumed by he struggle to live
I te uranga mai I was blinded and did not see your
O te ahi papakura (Mother Earth) warning signs

You are on your te reo journey and it's been great to listen to how much you want to be able to speak fluently in our mother tongue.  It's always been something that I valued in my own life; to be able to speak your own language fluently before taking up the languages of others.  It has always served as a reference point, this solid grounding and being able to communicate and think in the words of your ancestors is a powerful thing to be able to do and pass on to your own children.

Hōmai te waiora Therefore provide sustenance to the world
Haumanu hauora Revitalise to a full enduring health
Kia manawaitītī

There are so many things about you that I think you don't show enough to the world.  This doesn't sadden me, it makes me think though that the world is missing out on seeing how much you are capable of doing; you miss out on being at your optimum for everyone; those nearest and dearest to you, people that you work with, but importantly, just for yourself - and how you see you.

He manapou, he manatawa, he manawa whenua The life essence that wells up from the heart of the land
He oranga-ā-nuku, he oranga-ā-rangi To rejuvenate Heaven and Earth
Mā te hau tāwaho With the breeze
E pupuhi mai nei That blows hither
He hōmai aroha Carrying love

I hope that we will be able to see more of what you have within you that is itching to get out.  The voice that lies within you, the crest of your wave that needs to spring forward and must rejuvenate those around you - I'm excited about you being able to show your gifts and talents in their brilliance so people can't help but be blinded by it.

Taku tūātea. . . (x4) The crest of my wave. . . (x4)

Thank you for being such a beautiful friend to me - inside and out.
You are probably one of the few people I know that when I see you, I can't help but smile.
The natural elements emphasised in this waiata resonate strongly for me about how you feel to me, because you are perceptive - you carry love with you wherever you go like the winds; the same love the rides the crests of your waves until it is time to recede and begin again for whoever you know need it the most. . .