Saturday, 15 August 2015

Finally falling. . .

Conversation series: 1st conversation with a dear friend 

I've been thinking a lot about our conversations, especially when we start talking about relationships and what you are looking for in an ideal woman - your perfect woman.  This song comes to mind when I think about how I imagine you would feel when you finally fall for that perfect woman.  

I used to be a soldier for the single life
I used to think I'd be the last man standing from '79
I used to say that love was just a masquerade
I used to lie awake at night just thinking, if I'd ever know

You've told me stories about how fussy you are when you think about what you're looking for in a woman, I mean, we've looked at a checklist so that it can help you to visualise what she looks like, what types of things that she should - compatible interests that match with yours, as well as what she needs to be able to do so that you can commit to her.  I had a lot of fun helping you to construct this list and we've developed the attributes of this ideal woman in such a way that you would be able to know who she was once you saw her.

But the day that you came into my life
I started to believe it was possible
There's a feeling so unstoppable
I can't control

It's important to me that you are happy.  I think you having a women in your life to understand you and support you through al of the things that you need support (and of course you would support her too) is integral to the building of your character.  I don't think there's anything more exciting than that feeling of realisation that you are falling in love with someone and in that instant you immediately feel a sense of panic becaus eyou realise that things will change and you can't stop it.

I used to be the envy of my married friends
I used to get all of the girls phone numbers and I'd never call
I used to say that love will never tie me down
I'd be a rider, damn man, strong cowboy
My back to the wall

I smile when you talk about your 'modus operandi' in social situations.  The way that you described how you are when you come across someone who takes your fancy and how you would approach them (or not).  I've noticed a subtle shift with you in action (or not) because you've become quite reserved and don't know how to approach women anymore; it's almost like your confidence has been knocked or you don't quite know how women like to be approached these days.  It's a far cry from the casual affairs you've had and it possibly signals a maturity on your part to want to commit to something more but you still want your own independence.  I can tell you, women feel the same way too  - that sense of being in a relationship without feeling crowded and "locked down" without freedom to move.

I knew that I would find
With this old jaded heart of mine
Someone so sweet and fine
I could be with all the lifetime

I'm absolutely confident that you will find someone who meets the specifications that you've set (just as you will be some woman's dream concoction of a man).  I wonder though, what qualities will she have listed that would lead her to you?  Funny, good looking, independent, has his own career, not afraid to argue with me, sporty, sings when he feels like it.  Looks like a pretty good list to me.

Could it be I'm finally falling 
I'm starting to think it's true
Could it be I'm finally falling
I'm falling for you

I hope that you finally fall for someone and that it happens when you least expect it.  The reason I say this is because, it's when you least expect it that you know that it means more; I mean you'd probably fall harder (and that's always more fun).  Just remember to tell me when it does happen ok!

Could it be I'm finally falling
Lord knows I'm overdue
Could it be I'm finally falling
I'm finally falling for you
Oh I'm finally falling for you. . .

Even if you think that you wouldn't like a serious relationship right now, you only think that way because you don't want to have to change for a woman; you're quite happy to live your life the way you always have without interruption to the schedule, but I've told you many times, that a great relationship is founded on compromise - not so much sacrifice - so maybe until you are able to grapple with that idea and come to terms with it - then one you will be finally falling. . .