Saturday, 22 August 2015

Colorblind (Amber Riley). . .

For my peoples that have forgotten how to see life in color - let's paint together again :-)

I travel a lot for my work - whether it's around my hometown or on the road around the country.  It's a great job, I love it.  I think one of the highlights is definitely meeting new people and getting to see things through their eyes.  Part of my job is to encourage leaders of schools (principals. senior leaders and teachers) to think critically about how they can look within themselves and consider how they can change what they are doing to engage Pacific Island students in their learning and subsequently their achievement.  Sometimes I think are they colourblind?  Is this why they can't see what I see?  Is this why they can't see the potential of Pacific Island students because they don't know what to look for?  They don't know what to value and celebrate about the Pacific peoples and future generations yet to be born that I almost feel a responsibility to be able to protect?  I know that sounds strange, but it's how I feel, it's how I think.

When the world is seeing yellow, I only see grey
When everybody sees the rainbow, I'm stuck in the rain
You take a little piece of me every time you leave
I don't think that I'll ever find that silver lining, or reason to smile

If I was to single out a Pacific Island student in a high school, I can guarantee that at one point in their high school career, the student would have felt like this - that they are not able to see a future or a world in which they live in and participate in - having colour, having dreams that they can achieve.  That breaks my heart.

I used to paint such vibrant dreams now I'm colorblind, colorblind
When did my heart get so full of the never mind never mind
Did you know that you stole the only thing I needed?
Always black and white in my eyes, I'm colorblind

I have experienced setbacks in my life, at least what I thought were setbacks, but in fact these were pitstops; places that I needed to stop and spend some time reassessing what it was I needed to focus on so that I could learn some valuable life lessons before moving on, moving forward to continue to make a positive impact and open more doors and keep windows open too :-)

Ain't it funny that you managed to just wash away
Even pictures that you're not in, have started to fade
I try to play my favorite songs but I can't sing along
The words don't feel the same
You've taken all the best things from me and thrown them away

Can you think a few people in your life who have washed away a dream that you had?  They might have said something to squash it, laughed at it, physically put some barriers in there to make sure that you didn't live your dream.  Those people could've done that by accident, maybe on purpose.  Do you think those people even know what they did to you?  The ramifications of their actions?  And sure, it would've hurt at the time to have your dreams dashed by someone - either because you let it happen, you were powerless to resist and stand up for yourself, the dream was too big anyway and there was no way that you were going to achieve it or you gave up too easily and you weren't really passionate about the dream anyway.

I'll wait for roses to be red again
And I hate that you took my blue from the ocean
Give me back green greens and goldens
My purples my blues you stole them
How long will I be broken?

If there's one thing that I've learned now about people stealing my dreams or taking my dreams away from me - dream nigger and better dreams.  I dream so big that it seems impossible to achieve, but I dream it anyway?  Why would you do that you ask?  Because if there's anything that nobody should be able to steal or take away from you - is your dreams.  Those carefully planned imaginings that keep you awake at night so that it becomes more than just a dream but a compulsive fixation and obsessions that you need to address otherwise you would drive yourself insane - that's what entertaining your dreams do for you.  Dream those dream often, wherever you happen to be, standing in a queue waiting for coffee, to board a plane waiting to see the doctor, in a meeting - I mean, dreams are so cool to have and what better way to see your dreams than to paint them vividly in your own palette of colours that nobody can touch.  I don't know about you, but I'm quite fastidious about holding onto those colours because you're the only one who has the power to replenish that stock of colours when you run out, you're the one who takes care of your tools so that every time a dream is ready to eventuate - you're posed ready to create.

You know I used to paint such vibrant dreams now I'm colorblind, colorblind
When did my heart get so full of the never mind never mind
Did you know that you stole the only thing I needed?
Only black and white in my eyes, I'm colorblind
It's only black and white in my eyes, I'm colorblind. . . 

I hope that you start seeing your dreams in colour again.
Take back your colours so that you can start creating those dreams again.
I can't wait to hear, see and read about how much your dreams will inspire the rest of us to be the best of who we can be as well.  I don't believe in "never minds", I only believe in like minds.

I hope I'm never blind that I can't see the colours of your dreams :-)