Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Unstoppable. . .

I'll wait a little longer
We're weak and we're getting stronger
I know it's taking the time to heal
We'll be unstoppable
Don't know what I did it for
I needed to know that it was always real

Are you that person who feels the need to test the boundaries of your relationship by doing silly stuff to hack off your partner?  I've seen this happen too many times (both fictionally and in reality) where people like to test how much they are loved by their significant other and wanting to know if the love they are being given is real.  Like there's such as thing as fake love?  If it was fake wouldn't it be called something else?  Imitation or knock-off love?  Like those imitation handbags we see people carrying around, trying to convince people it's legit?  Don't be that person anymore alright.  The more you try to test your partner, the more you will succeed in pushing them away forever.

My head's held high when we walk down the line honey
Arm-in-arm through the clear night sky
Let's be at peace, we'll fly
Our hearts collide
Can't escape the magnetic side

That magnetic pull in a relationship or just a simple connection is hard to avoid.
I don't even think you need to really fully explain what it is anymore - just feel it.
But there's a difference with feeling something and then acting on it.
I like the fact that you can talk about ideas, take the time to consider concepts that people think are a waste of time, but that's because they've lost their sense of wonder about the world and they've lost their imagination a long time ago, when they got sucked into the regimented, nine to five daily routine that society perpetuates as being the social norm, in an effort to brainwash us into thinking that this is what we were born to do - this is our destiny - not recognising our true calling in what we were meant to do.  Stop trying to escape from the magnetic side - it's where you're supposed to be.

I was like a satellite spinning away
Almost lost forever and leaving no trace
Floating through the dark reaches of space
To another galaxy
Our polarity shifted around 
There is nothing else left holding us down
But it's just gravitational
We are unstoppable
It's just gravitational
We are unstoppable

So rather than try to resist what is going on around you, just embrace it and go along for the ride.
There will rarely ever be anything or anyone that you encounter in life that you will know immediately that this is what you're meant to be doing.  You would be quite lucky if you do, if you both do, because that means that you are both gravitational!  You can feel lost out in the universe, floating in another galaxy until something happens, someone happens along, planets align, I don't know and then everything starts to make sense.  The funny thing, will be that it still doesn't make sense to other people around you - but it will make sense to you both - because it's just gravitational.

The stars will guide the way
In the dead of space
You will be my one and only
We are unstoppable
We are unstoppable
We are unstoppable
We are unstoppable
The stars will guide the way
In the dead of space
You will be my one and only. . . 

While pondering late night musings (or early morning musings to be accurate) on sacred geometry, it has opened up the intuition that has been locked inside of me, waiting to be unleashed.

I hope that you will see that you are an unstoppable force.
Never give up on your dreams and what it is that you need to do, never lost sight of why you are here and who is relying on you to be a success.
I hope that you see that together - we are unstoppable.
Even when space is dead - we'll still be unstoppable :-)