Friday, 3 July 2015

Through the long night. . .

The cold hands 
The sad eyes
The dark Irish silence
It's so late
But I'll wait
Through the long night with you
With you

It's hard being the friend who needs someone to help you through something traumatic.  You tend to not want to ask for help because you don't want to be a burden to others.  You vent as much as you can but then you don't want to be known as the whinging friend, the one with the problems, the one who should save their issues for their tissues.  Have you waited through the long night with a friend?  It's those traumatic, "riding through a storm" nights that gives rise to other unforeseen circumstances that may cause further trouble down the line.

The warm tears
The bad dreams
The soft trembling shoulders
The old fears
But I'm here
Through the long night with you
With you

Why would you let old fears rule your present and in turn affect your future?  I know it sounds weird but being able to work on developing your resilience skills is the best outcome (in my mind) about how you are able to be who you are meant to be.
It takes a lot for you to be able to push through traumatic experiences from your past so you must be able to surround yourself with the right people who you can lean on for support, or who can "be" with you during your own "long nights".

Oh, what it has cost you
I almost lost you
A long, long time ago
Oh, you should have told me
But you had to bleed to know

There comes a point when you are in danger of pushing yourself too far over the edge that you potentially can dive headlong into the point of no return.  When those support people realise how deep you are in, they understand the depth of your pain but know that they need to let you feel it to learn and know how to deal with it the next time pain decides to visit you again.  Each time pain visits you and causes you to bleed, it almost seems as if it prepares you to develop tougher more resilient skin each time.  

All your past sins 
Are since past
You should be sleeping
It's all right
Sleep tight
Through the long night with me
With me

I know you've been wanting me to have a good rest, to sleep and look after myself.  Then I think about the fact that maybe I won't go to sleep until you're staying up with me.  So I guess a little thanks is in order, because I've been able to sleep more often and more regularly lately, because you've been able to make sure that I do sleep and stayed up long enough with me during those long nights, to make sure that I do go to sleep.

No I didn't start it
You're broken hearted 
From a long, long time ago
Oh, the way you hold me
Is all that I need to know

I hope that you don't give up the opportunities for someone to stay up late with you.  Those long nights alone can be made that much more bearable when you have someone who understands you enough to know what you need to heal from your past pain, your past trauma, to keep those things and event firmly in the past so as to not ruin the present or cloud the future.

And it's so late
But I'll wait
Through the long night with you
With you. . .