Thursday, 23 July 2015

The miracle of love. . .

This track is a song endorsement by +Anaru White 

How many sorrows
Do you try to hide
In a world of illusion
That's covering your mind?
I'll show you something
Oh I'll show you something good

Talking about love, showing it or not, it's all pretty cliche, well I think people think it is.
I think it has more to do with people's expectations of what they think love can be defined as rather than just experiencing it for whatever it is - without definitions or conforming to society's definition of love, if we are to go by the definitions of love found in Hallmark greeting cards.  Personally when it comes to cards, I like the ones with the blank pages inside so that you get to write whatever you like on it (or draw whatever you like on it) without trying to squeeze your thoughts or pictures around pre-determined text that sometimes doesn't adequately encapsulate what you're feeling anyway.

When you open your mind
You'll discover the sign
That there's something 
You're longing to find

I think it's hard to open your mind to anything when you limit your own experiences and you're unwilling to trust yourself in foreign situations.  How else will you know yourself the best without falling fast, falling hard and just well, falling really.  You will most likely discover something that you didn't know you were missing, you will most likely discover something that you didn't know you needed, but once you have it - you wonder how you ever functioned without it.

The miracle of love
Will take away your pain
When the miracle of love
Comes your way again

The chorus suggests that you should be open to love and accept it when it comes to you.  There are so many types of love that you probably won't know which one to accept when it does come to you.  But isn't that half the fun though?  We're so intent on trying to make things perfect and make things "right" that we don't think about just taking a step back and taking a long hard look at what we see in front of us.  If love is miraculous, it suggests to me that it has the power to empower you, that it is miraculous because now that is come your way again, it has transformed what you were before, because it has touched you maybe a little differently this time.  I think that is the miracle of love; that each time you let it touch you, it holds something a little different, it explores you a little if you let it.

Cruel is the night 
That covers up your fears
Tender is the one that wipes away your tears
There must be a bitter breeze
To make you sting so viciously
They say the greatest coward 
Can hurt the most ferociously

The iconic electric guitar features in the single release, but I prefer the semi acoustic guitar featured in the video clip.  This verse highlights for me the crazy things that love makes you do.  It can unravel you and make you do things that you normally wouldn't do.  But it's natural isn't it?  When you feel that you are unworthy of love or you have screwed up how to love people in the past, you deny yourself being to love any better in your present, let alone your future right?  I say don't be cruel to yourself and deny yourself the chance to love again, to love with all you can, and to love whoever you want with all of your heart.  If you've been holding back from being your most loving to family members, to people in your life that would most likely need it the most, then stop hurting yourself (and them) and let the miracle of love be.

I'll show you something good
Oh I'll show you something good 
If you open your heart
You can make a new start
When your crumbling world falls apart

People can show you how to love again, they can either show you or tell you and it normally clicks on in your mind when you need to understand it the most - but it will most likely scare the love right out of you.  Do you want to make a new start?  Can you even see beyond your crumbling world that is falling apart when you can't see past what you currently have?  Can you even see what you have if it's falling apart?  When things fall apart, you no longer start to recognise what you hold, it just loses shape and form right before your eyes so all you start to feel lose without any hope of understanding what you need to do or how to fix it (if you want it fixed in the first place).

The miracle of love
Will take away your pain
When the miracle of love
Comes your way again

I hope that you let the miracle of love heal you.  You might not even know that your heart needs healing because you've fooled yourself into thinking that you no longer need to love or be loved.
That's not possible.  Everyone needs love, even those that are the hardest to love.  They're entitled to love too, (even if they think they don't need it, they're the ones who need it the most ha!).

I hope that once you're unable to uncover the pain of your past and start to heal, you will "feel" once again.  That's the cool thing about the miracle of love; you never know you missed love until it magically transpires in your life and has come your way again. . .