Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summergirl. . .

A friend introduced me to The Mayfield Four because he was talking about Myles Kennedy who eventually became the lead singer for Alter Bridge.  I thought the way that he controlled his voice In Loving Memory for Alter Bridge was phenomenal, but my friend suggested that I listen to Summergirl and I agree, the way he sings towards the end of the song is just insane.  I thought to myself, just when you think he can't go any higher, he does.  One of the few things I really appreciate about lead rock vocalists is their ability to power through their notes, but when their range is as insane as Myles Kennedy who also has brilliant songwriting skills to match - you're basically an unstoppable force.  Summergirl is also written by Myles Kennedy.

Flowers placed at the foot of the grave
Of the one we lost forever
Jesus please let her soul rest in peace
And make way, a new angel's in heaven

This song made me think about a few friends I have lost along the way in my childhood.  It also made me think about friends who have lost their daughters at a young age, particularly those who were toddlers.  The song beautifully capture what I imagine to be the sweet-natured nature of these young daughters and the pain that a parent would've expressed, continues to hold, when they have lost their young, so young.

Summergirl went away
Everything has been dying
Summergirl went away
And the sun doesn't shine

I have talked about death, loss and grief in so many blog posts, that I've lost count.  The break or silence that happens after this chorus, almost seems to mirror a minute of silence that happens to honour and observe the dead.  It almost feels like it mirrors the heart beat finally stopping and all you hear is silence.

All alone in the house we call home
And walls echo still with her laughter
We'd dream of a world far away we'll never know
Since she left, I don't dream anymore

As is the case when you lose someone so young, you believe that their life is cut short.  So you think about all of the things that they will no longer be able to do, that you will no longer be able to do together.  When someone so vibrant, alive and beautiful, has the ability to steal your ability to dream, how will they be able to visit you when they're gone?  I don't think she would want you to stop dreaming anymore, let alone stop dreaming at all?  There must be a way for you to be able to transport yourself in that far away world again.

Summergirl went away
Everything has been dying
Summergirl went away
And the sun, and the sun doesn't shine

It is during the insane singing of this final chorus that you hear that heart breaking note on "shine", almost makes you think that if he can hold on as long as he can, and transcend the note even higher, you can almost imagine that he is with her where she is, since she has taken away his ability to dream.  I've often thought that the higher you can sing, the closer to the heavens you would be.  I think the sun shines in heaven :-)

No more, yeah 
No, the sun don't shine no more
Ever since you went away
Oh yeah . . . 

I hope that one day you will be able to dream again.
I hope that you never forget her, I don't think she would want you to, but I don't think she'd want you to be unhappy either.  So just remember, even when they are gone, it doesn't mean we never forget.  It just means that we have an obligation to keep shining, just as they did for us during our summers, until we are reunited again during our eternal summers. . .  then we'll see Summergirl again. . .