Saturday, 11 July 2015

Someone new. . .

This is the second blog post in a series of conversations that I would have with people (or wish that I had).  I think it's quite a liberating feeling to do this, and I think this is part of who I am in a sense.  I mean I get private messages from people telling me how much they love reading about my insights and how they can relate to what I talk about.  I think these next few blog posts are no exception.

Don't take this the wrong way
You knew who I was with every step that I ran to you
Only blue or black days 
Electing strange perfections in any stranger that I choose

You're absolutely right.
I did know who you were when I stumbled across your path, so I shouldn't be surprised.
But I think I am - surprised, that is.
I know you have elected strange perfections in me because you seem to have allocated some functions, roles and responsibilities that I have accepted without really thinking too much about the impact of what I was agreeing to - that they come with strings attached that I didn't see - was the string invisible to the naked eye or something?
I have also elected to be here during those blue or black days - so there is really no excuse for feeling off kilter or feeling other than content, satisfied and completely in tune with what "this" is.  Whatever "this" is.

Would things be easier if there was a right way honey?
There is no right way

No I don't think there is a right way.  If things are meant to be easy - they would be easy.  But obviously if things are hard, then there are some circumstances that you need to look at, to examine to figure out exactly if you cause it, or you're involved in a scene that isn't healthy for you or you just enjoy it, but you're quietly in denial about the whole thing.  In any case, I'm not judging.  I don't judge.  I'm the last person that can judge.

There's an art to life's distractions 
To somehow escape the burning weight, the art of scraping through
Some like to imagine
The dark caress of someone else, I guess any thrill we do

Now the thrill has worn off and you don't want to feel anymore caresses from other people.
So how can we minimise these distractions because they are getting in the way of the art that you say is who you are, what defines you, what drives you and completes you.
You want to be thinking about how you can conquer these dark inclinations that stall you and sidetrack you from fulfilling your greater purpose, the mission that you keep talking about but can't stay focused on.

I wake at the first cringe of morning
And my heart's already sinned
How pure, how sweet a love, Aretha, that you would pray for him

Musically, this is probably the most different part of the song and probably where you would be at your most cynical.  You haven't been cynical in as many words, but your actions kind of show your cynicism quite vividly.  I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but it's becoming increasingly more apparent to me.  The emphatic pounding of the bass drum with the last line of this bridge tells me how far caring for someone can go - particularly when they occupy your prayers.

It can often feel like wishing so much goodwill and being a support person for someone can only go so far as the person is willing to support themselves, can only go so far as the person being able to admit what it is they actually want to do in their life.

And so I fall in love, just a little or a little bit everyday with someone new
I fall in love, just a little or a little bit everyday with someone new
I fall in love, just a little or a little bit everyday with someone new
I fall in love, just a little or a little bit everyday with someone new

Despite what the video clip shows, I too have been guilty of falling in love with new people all the time.  I fall in love with the things that they say, the way they think, the way they say that I make them feel about themselves, the way that we connect on so many levels that don't even delve into the physical.  I think you can't co-exist with people if you don't love them all to some degree - some of course you will love more than others, but do we really need to start engaging in some kind of ranking order here?

Love with every stranger, the stranger the better. . .  but if you're going to engage in stranger love, be aware of stranger danger. . .