Saturday, 11 July 2015

Refuge of the roads. . .

This song has five verses, but I only wanted to focus on the first verse in some detail.  Refuge of the roads by Joni Mitchell is one of those songs that I can listen to over and over and never tire of listening.  It has all of the things in a song that I love - great lyrics that tell a story, an interesting melodic line that even though repeated for ease of recall but the development of the melodic motif is coupled with the arrangement of syllables to it.  But that bass line.  There's nothing sexier about a song that has a bass line that can reach into the pit of your stomach and turn on those butterflies :-)

I met a friend of spirit
He drank and womanized
And I sat before his sanity
I was holding back from crying 

I listened to your life story and it was hard not to feel emotional (holding back!) and think about how much you have suffered.  When you make poor decisions or bad decisions, you're totally aware of the consequences and what happens next, but you make those poor bad decisions anyway, because, you don't see anything better for yourself?  I guess it's not the quantity of women that you come across, it's the quality of a woman, or you don't know a quality woman even if she sat before you, just as I've been sitting before your sanity (or lack thereof).  If you know what you are meant to do, what you are destined to do, but you continue to head in the opposite direction - how much quicker do you think you will achieve your dream?

He saw my complications
And he mirrored me back simplified
And we laughed how our perfection
Would always be denied

The constant seeking of perfection, labelling ourselves as perfectionists in a world that shows itself to be increasingly imperfect, and perfectly so in its imperfection.  I overthink things and you do too sometimes but we laugh about it and think that this is just how things are supposed to be.  I don't think I have seen myself in certain ways until I've reflected on how you make me feel about myself.
I think I see myself in you sometimes, and it does come back to me simplified because you talk a lot about not over thinking, keeping things simple and just enjoying being in the moment.  Who cares what tomorrow brings right?

Who has the power to deny our quest for perfection anyway?  Or to at least make it so that perfection can be viewed as a good thing - a standard that people can raise themselves to in order to be the best example of what it is that they want to be.  We've talked a lot about music and musicianship and how much we hate lazy musicians.  So can the same be said for anybody in whatever profession or propassion (I say propassion - cos I think it's being able to make a living out of your passion, you've made it professionally).

"Heart and humor and humility"
He said "Will lighten up your heavy load"
I left him for the refuge of the roads. . . 

I think I get it now.
Just keep things light, breezy, Covergirl.
You want me to keep being myself, but that's just the thing.  Sometimes I don't know who I am around you.  But don't worry, that's something I need to figure out for myself in my journey, in our interactions.

I think we have the power to make our loads as heavy or as light as we want.
So rest assured, no heavy loads from this end, but I think I will be using this time to explore how to cope with unexpected loads that seem to be coming from every which way.  Maybe I need to look at some more video clips of sacred geometry lol.

I'm travelling a lot in the next few months, so I'll be taking in the refuge of the roads. . .