Friday, 24 July 2015

Oceans Away. . .

Conversation series - 2nd conversation with someone from my childhood

I sat with this song for a while,  Trying to figure out what to say.  I get these rare moments where I find the perfect song, but my mind can't seem to let the words flow and let it appear through my typing fingers onto the screen.  I think it has more to do with what to say to you, rather than writer's block in that sense.  I watch these words appear before my eyes as I type and I quickly understand that I am meant to feel this feelings of indecision as I write.  I'm uncertain about our future and how we will be when we meet again.

I hung out with the old folks
In the hope I'd get wise
I was trying to bridge the gap
Between the great divide

Hung on every recollection
In the theater of their eyes
Picking up on this and that
In the few that still survived

You were never one for talking to old people.  I'm not sure whether you felt like you were intimidated by them but I always loved hearing the stories about how life was challenging for them back then, and how they managed to overcome those obstacles.  I think each generation experiences their own challenges of course, but we take into account the types of things that we have now, that they would've marvelled at, had they existed in their time is pretty phenomenal.

Call them up, 'n dust 'em off, let' em shine
The ones who hold onto the ones
They had to leave behind
Those that flew and those that fell
The ones that had to stay
Beneath a little wooden cross oceans away

It's important to stay connected with your previous generation.
They are the ones who teach you all you need to know about life - they've lived it.
Why wouldn't you treat them like treasure in their old age?  I know that it's what we can do to honour them.

They bend like trees in winter
These shuffling old grey lions
Those snow white stars still gather
Like the belt around Orion

You won't get to see the importance of what it means to gather with people who are happy to see you, I mean genuinely happy to see you.  When people ask after you, it can be difficult to say exactly, what to say.  i mean what can I say?  I haven't heard from you?:  I'm not sure what you're doing with your life because I don't have any contact with you?  You're busy spending time with other people who you choose to spend time with, rather than me, us?  We used to be "we" once.  We used to be "us" once.  Orion still cries for you but I guess you can't hear the cries from oceans away.

Just to touch the faded lighting      
Of their powerful design
Of a generation gathering
For maybe the last time

I dread the times when we will gather for maybe the last time.
It is those times that I'm not sure how the next generation will be able to carry on without the well-considered guidance and wisdom of the old folks.  Will we still be able to maintain the values and principles that have been handed down from previous generations, while continuing to remain current with the times. yet still have room to consider future-proofing the family that are yet to be born?  The powerful design is a wildly beautiful and daunting thing to grapple with.  I'm not sure that I will ever understand my place, your place, our place in this powerful design until we have come and gone like this generation that is greying before our very eyes.

Oceans away, where the green grass sways
And the cool wind blows
Across the shadow of their graves
Shoulder to shoulder back in the day
Sleeping bones to rest in earth, oceans away, oceans away. . . 

I hope that wherever life takes away, that in one of those moments of clarity, you will think us while you are oceans away. doing what you're doing.  This bridge is probably the most significant part of the songs, because it is musically more interesting than the standard motifs that play in the verses.

I hope that when it is my time to explore the many lands, places and people that have to colour my life, that you will be able to return to us, that you will realise that you will never be able to own the home you are seeking or the kingdom you are trying to establish, without coming back to us.

All this time you are oceans away, what you have been searching for all along, has never left you.
We have been with you this entire time. while you have been oceans away. . . .