Sunday, 26 July 2015

No room for doubt. . .

You caught me, guilty
Taking the pieces of you
That night, you took flight
I couldn't decide what to do

How hard was it to take pieces of you? I mean, you offered them so freely it was like you were practically giving them away.  You may be experiencing some sudden changes in attitude, particularly when you don't consult people or at least let them know about what your intentions are.  I can imagine it must be pretty scary trying to get some sense of what exactly it is that you want, without trying to get hurt in the process.  But life doesn't work out that way; there are always consequences, there are always problems that need to be acknowledged, if not sorted.

I won't let a safe bet
Continue to make go blue
I could go solo
Would that be the right thing to do?

Sometimes you are better off being alone than being miserable with someone.  It's a bitter pill to swallow but one that you must if you are to maintain your own sanity.  The right thing to do is the right thing for yourself.  There is a lot to be said for going solo - you never know how long you will be solo, who else who you will meet along that way that may challenge you (especially when they don't want you to be solo anymore but try to continue with you).

We all make mistakes, we do
I learnt from you
We all make mistakes, we do
I learnt from you

I think the greatest learning I have ever had has been listening to other people tell their stories.  I think about not how much better off my life is, but more so along the lines of - what can I learn about life from this person?  How can I learn from their mistakes that they so freely admit to, so that I can avoid making the same mistakes.

Tiptoe, too slow
Out of the door to your house
I know, you know
That this way leads me out

Leaving the spaces that we occupy, or each other's spaces for that matter, is the fastest way to ensure that you start to create some distance.  When you need to find a way out of a precarious situation, it may required some timing, some delicate handling of the situation being blown even further out of proportion and some home truths to be considered (likened to the proportions of "to be acknowledged as part of the furniture" even).  Are you even good at tiptoeing these days?  Have you been practising sneaking out of people's houses enough to know that you're quite skilled at it?

Outside, too bright
You're within, I'm without
You're within, I'm without

When things are too bright outside, it's normally because things always seem much clearer in the harsh light of day, that you start to see things for what they are.  Things seem much clearer because you can see exactly where you stand - are you within or without?  Sometimes the room for doubt can be seen as coming from within or coming from without.  Which one are you?
Please sleep softly
Leave me no room for doubt
Please sleep softly
Leave me no room for doubt
Leave me no room for doubt. . . 

I hope that you do sleep softly.  There should be no room left for doubt because you should be well aware of what it is that you need to achieve to move on in your life.  And even if you are unwilling to move forward, you need to move somewhere - even if it's moving sideways, if you can't step back or move back.  You can't afford to keep giving yourself room to backtrack and go back to things the way they were because you've changed.  You know better about what it is that you want.

The overlapping nature of the last section of the song suggests to me that there are lingering thoughts that need to be resolved and that you are afraid to let go of what was.  If you keep holding onto things and people that serve no purpose in your current life, you are abandoning the steps that you need to take to secure the success of your future.

With all of this insomnia going around, I hope that you can please sleep softly, leave me no room for doubt. . .